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Information and pages by Jim Olsen.
Are you looking for good non-routine problems?
Organized into Seven Sections: §»Interactive Applets; §»Problem Solving; §»Topic Sites; §»Learning Activities and Lesson Plans; §»Mega Sites; §»Reference Sites; Math Reference Sheets §»Free Software. Tons of cool stuff! Annotated links. Virtual manipulatives, Pi Day sites, interactive java applets (my favorite is Shodor), free software (check out Geogebra!), more. Huge storehouse of useable resources. ISBE, NCTM, LEGO education, and educational research included.
For example, history of math archive and on-line encyclopedia of sequences.
General computer tips and a few things for web developers, graphics, and more.
Are you looking for money?
Getting a teaching job, discipline/classroom management, school improvement, professional resources, and surviving the first year.
On WIU Placement, teacher education issues & policies, and careers in mathematics.
This is a catch-all of neat sites that didn't fall into any of the other categories. Photos from space, Atlas of the Universe, online conversions, butterfly farming, and more.

A Few Things I've Created

24 Percent Tweets. This is project is now complete.  24 important things to know about percent. Click>>24 Percent Tweets . You will find Slideshare's with examples and Quizlet practice decks. Scroll down for more information and pages that can be printed. (Note: Unfortunately, the Learnist site is not longer working.)

CCSSMCommon Core Math Standards: Information, Links, and Resources

Properties Foldable (Word doc) - This foldable helps students understand properties (such as commutative property of addition, etc.) When you 2-sided print it, you may need to 'flip it on the short edge.'

Mental Math Worksheets DONE for Eighth Grade and for Algebra I - 30 worksheets each, teaching 30 strategies.  Free download.

PFD Boot Camp (Percents, Fractions, and Decimals)

       Online Math Games, Demonstration/Exploration Tools, & Puzzles
, organized by grade, K through 12.

Navigating the Landscape of Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Problems - Documents, problems, and handouts from our presentations at the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting, October 22, 2011, the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, April 8, 2011, and the Western Illinois University Mathematics Teachers' Conference, March 23, 2012.

Quizlet Page - Quizlet is a great program (and app for iPad or other tablet) for making flash cards and review materials.

The Big Picture of Creating and Using Videos for Teaching & Learning - (Jan. 2010) how to create, prepare, and post videos -- pretty easy!

Standards Based Assessment (SBA) -  Various resources to support presentations I've done on Standards Based Assessment.

Online Mathematics Practice Worksheets/Quizzes and Review Resources - Most of the online practice is in the form of games which can be found at Online Math Games, Demonstration/Exploration Tools, and Puzzles (above). This page has links to worksheets and quizzes for practicing math skills. More quizzes can be found on this Teaching Resources page below. Also, there are links to Review Resources, which are tutorials to review mathematical topics from arithmetic through calculus.

RATES Project - Real-world Applications Teaching Everyday Solutions curriculum development project

Beauty of Three Dimensional Polyhedra and Spatial Visualization - B3D - numerous links to three-dimensional geometry.

Archimedean Solids - (mine) videos, links, and even a cool Prezi!

Geodesics Domes and Spheres Page - (mine) links, photos, and how to build one out of newspaper.

Math Education Research and a Plethora of Committee and Government Reports - Originally compiled on the occasion of the Common Core State Standards (the reports were the precursors for the CCSS). Updated periodically.

Brain-Based Learning and Learning Theories - much has been discovered and written lately -- and this helps us help our students learn.

featured linkCommon Core Math Standards: Information, Links, and Resources

Teacher Facilitator Page - I prefer the term "Teacher Facilitator" over "Teacher Leader," but they are similar.

iPad For Novices and iPad For Schools: Information, Links, and Resources - Since I'm new at the iPad, I made these pages to help myself and other newbies. A Few More iPad Tips

Volume and Surface Area Webpage - Prisms, Pyramids, Cylinders, and Cones

Top Ten Lists for Using Technology to Help Elementary/MS Students Learn Mathematics
Top Ten Lists for Using Technology to Help HS Students Learn Mathematics

Games and PowerPoint Games for Math Practice - We've made a number of PowerPoint files that can be used in the classroom to review math topics and skills in a game environment. This files can be edited with your own questions.

TI Graphics Calculator Tips - Including TI Connect and TI Graph Link Cable and Software (with how-to videosLook for this icon for videos.) (just the TI Connect Basics, with videosLook for this icon for videos.) and Cabri Jr.

Analytic Scoring Scale for Scoring Student Work on Problem-solving Tasks (by Jim Olsen) This is a rubric I designed (with initial help in a class) and have used with teachers for a number of years. The primary purpose of this scale is to award credit to students for following the 4-step problem-solving process. A student can get the wrong answer and still score quite well using this rubric. Conversely, a student with the right answer (alone) may not get all the points. If you wish to actually evaluate student knowledge of a specific math topic, I'd recommend using a different scale. This is a generalizable, analytic rubric. It does break up the student's work into parts (gives three sub-scores), but it is generalizable, in that it can be used with about any problem-solving problem.

Systematic Guess and Check Problem-Solving Strategy - The basics of trouble-shooting.

Amounts From Rates Worksheet - Primarily a graph interpretation activity. One of a number of, what I call, "early calculus topics." Real-world applications. Rates vary over time and the student must find the total amount accumulated. Appropriate for Algebra II or Pre-Calculus.

Solids of Revolution - Students rotate a triangular or rectangular region about an axis to create a solid. Students identify the solid and find its volume. Second "early calculus topic." Appropriate for Algebra II or Pre-Calculus. First 5 are straightforward cones and cylinders. Second 5 are a bit more challenging. No calculus required. Basic volume formulas used.

List of Objectives Involving Change, Rates, and Rate of Change - School districts need to decide where (when) students will be introduced to these ideas, and when the ideas will be developed, mastered, and reviewed.

Graphing Rational Functions by Hand - While generally I highly favor use of graphing technology, and favor real-world application, here's an activity that is only in a math context, and we get the answers just using our heads. It is strong in building number sense and function sense.

My Mastery Quiz system:


Algebra I mastery quiz topics (and links to example quizzes)
Trigonometry mastery quiz topics (and links to example quizzes)
Calculus mastery quiz topics (and links to example quizzes)

ICTM Handout from the presentation titled, "Using Problem Solving to Teach the Illinois Standards." Sarah Dalpiaz gave this talk (as I was out of town for a wedding).  In MSWord format.

Teaching Mathematics via problem solving: Here are some example problems.

Function Handouts

Here is a series of handouts related to the function concept. Each is given as a Word document and as a rich text format document. These handouts assume that students have been exposed to the function concept minimally. That is, they know that "there in an input, some thing happens, and there is an output," and that "inputs and outputs can be put into ordered pairs."

The Definition(s) of a Function ~ Is Yours in Here? Different books use different definitions for function. It's all the same concept. This handout helps make connections between different-sounding definitions. function-defs.doc function-defs.rtf

The Representation and Synonym Games - The fact that functions have many representations and that there are many synonyms for terms (such as "y-value") make it tough for students. This handout can help. REPS_SYN.doc REPS_SYN.rtf

Basic Function Objectives - Some of these basic objectives can be learned in middle school. basic_objectives.doc basic_objectives.rtf (For more advanced objectives see the Misconceptions and Difficulties handout below and reword the "difficulties" into things the student can do.)

Function Notation ~ "OK, so f(x) doesn't mean f times x, what does it mean?" FUN_NOTATON.doc FUN_NOTATON.rtf

Levels of Graph Comprehension - Although literal reading of data presented in graphical form is an important component of graph-reading ability, the maximum potential of the graph is realized when the reader is capable of interpreting and generalizing from the data. Just like reading text, there is difference between reading the words and comprehending the ideas. graphcomprehension.doc graphcomprehension.rtf (rich text format may not have all the graphics in the example)

Misconceptions and Difficulties in the Understanding the Function Concept - The function concept is central and key to mathematics, but it is also complex, due to its many related concepts and multiple representations. Miscon_difficulties.doc Miscon_difficulties.rtf

My Top 10 Reasons for Using Computers and Calculators to Help Students Learn Mathematics - PowerPoint. (pdf format)

Why it is important for W.I.U. to make a commitment to the preparation of teachers - three documents

Problem Solving Databases

= Featured Links

I am highly interested is using problem solving to teach the standard school mathematics curriculum. (I think we can have our cake and eat it too - involve students in problem solving and have them learn the mathematics curriculum at the same time.) To this end I am interested in problem databases that are organized by the mathematical content. Below are a few.

awesome resourceThe Art of Problem Solving - Wow this site has really grown! They have a huge team working on this site. Huge database of contest questions. AMC (8) (10) (12) questions. This is for gifted education and regular education. Richard Rusczyk is the founder.

awesome resourceProblem-Attic - Wow, this is great! 80,000 of the best questions from NY Regents, State Assessments, NAEP, TIMSS, Academic Competitions, and more. Select, Arrange, Format, Print. Generate worksheets and Problems of the Week (POW's) in no time at all! Easy to use.

Space Math @ NASA - introduces students to the use of mathematics in todays scientific discoveries. Real applied problems categorized by grade level from 3rd grade through calculus (e.g., Algebra I, Geometry, Calculus). Problems are in nice PDF format, with answers. Very nicely organized by topic. You can even search for problems by "moon" or "black holes," etc. Other features include multimedia. Active site with 396 problems as of 1/20/2010.

10/2020featured linkMath off the grid - Running a middle school math club. Has a huge list of Resources of Problem Sets, POWs, Videos, and Sites. (Some, but not all, are listed here.)

MPAAC K-12 Problem-Solving Database - Search for problems by Illinois Learning Standard.  These problem write-ups written by teachers in the MPAAC grant project at W.I.U.

featured linkProblems from Mathematics Teacher - Each month in the Mathematics Teacher journal there is a calendar of problems. If you serach for 'calendar problems,' you find 100's. (You do have to be an NCTM member.)

MATHmodels.org - Mathmodels is COMAP’s new modeling forum.

lots of good problemsNRICH - Lots of problems for various levels (from the UK, "stages 4-5" are grades 9-12). See also Maths Finder ("Maths" in the UK = "Math" in the USA).

Mathschallenge.net - A web site dedicated to the puzzling world of mathematics.

Math "Coffins" - a collection of difficult math problems with elegant solutions that possess a unique history.

Excellent problems can be found from contests:


Secondary Mathematics Problems (I'm working on these now - I hope to add to these often).

  1. Pythagorean Theorem Problems

Math Education Links

Seven Sections:

§» Problem Solving (including problems of the week, problem sites, games & puzzles)
§» Topic Sites (devoted to an area of math, such as calculus or geometry)

§» Interactive Applets

Virtual Manipulatives

highlightedPolypad from Mathigon - this is quickly becoming a main go-to site for online manipulatives.

Toy Theater - has Math, Puzzles, Art, Reading, and Games.

New E-Labs site - This is one of the best sites on the Internet for grades 3-6. A few I really like are Division with Remainders, Equivalent Fractions, and Transformations. This is a new (shockwave based) version of the popular E-labs (java based) we've used for years. Part of the Learning Site, from Harcourt School Publishers. Math Jingles are new. (E-Labs is the older site is being phased out and being replaced by the New E-Labs site.)

Virtual Manipulatives from Glencoe - Grades Pre-K to 8. Lots of manipulatives (and Backgrounds/Workmats)

featuredProject Interactivate - For me, right now, this is the Number One Free Math Site on the Internet for interactive applets! (Otherwise known as the "Shodor Applets.") The goals of this project are the creation, collection, evaluation, and dissemination of interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics. They have Tools, Activities, Student Page, a Newsletter, and more. featuredThe Function Flyer is one of the best applets on the web. A couple more I really like are Equivalent Fractions Pointer and forest fire simulation (Chaos Discussion), Arithmetic Practice Game that is Connect 4, and Fraction 4 - click a tree to start the burn! (Other ways to access this applets and activities is use us Curriculum Materials). From the Shodor Educational Foundation, Inc.

manipulativesHuge Virtual Manipulatives Site(National Library of Virtual Manipulatives = NLVM)- Click in the body of the table for the standard and grade level band. I especially like Platonic Solids, Platonic Solid Duals, Space Blocks (like Multi-Link cubes), Algebra Balance Scales, Coin Problem (use logic to find the lighter coin!), Transformations-Reflection (dynamically interact with and see the result of a reflection transformation).

Virtual Manipulative Tool Box - nice list of virtual manipulatives. From Math Bridges.

1/2019Didax Virtual Manipulatives

featuredCrickweb.co.uk - interactive resources for primary grades.

List of Math Manipulatives - Upper elementary.

CyberChase Games - From PBSKIDS. Click here for my descriptions and my evaluation of the games.

Connie Stoner's Interactive Web Resources - Here's her school page. Ms. Stoner teaches Jr. High Math. Lots of great games. Fun too! Some sites even allow the teacher to track student work.

Mangahigh.com - I'm quite impressed with this site. High quality math games that K-12 students like to play. Can set up games/problems for your students.

Math-Play.com - Lots of excellent math games.

More Virtual Manipulatives - From Archytech.org. The links below may be slightly different explore to find you favorites.
    Pattern Blocks on-line - You can play with Pattern Blocks on-line.  Activities available as well.
    Base 10 Blocks  on-line - Make sure to check out the hammer and glue options.

WolframAlphaWolframAlpha - "Computational knowledge engine" - Solves math problems, gives world statistics, stock prices--you name it!

AustralianHelp.com/Online-Tools - Many calculators which use WolframAlpha as the engine.

Wolfram (Mathematica) Demonstrations Project - This is a web collection of freely available, interactive demonstrations in math, science, and many other areas, at all levels from elementary education to front-line research. You do have to download the Mathematica Player, which is free, and runs all demonstrations. A few of my early favorites are Piecewise functions, Splitting a Cube, Buckyball in Icosahedron, Color (Rubic's) Cube, 3D Dissection Puzzle, Polygonal Numbers, and Fractal Tetrahedron. Fifteen Great Circles on a Sphere is awesome.

Protractor applet - Very nice. Has an intro (which can be skipped). Various interactive activities with and without a virtual protractor.

Lathe (creating 3D objects) applet - fun, get creative!

Free math games - Nice games for practicing facts (such as Targeting the Answer or Percents Fractions & Decimals or Matching Fraction Game - Equivalent Fractions). Can control what facts to practice. From helpingwithmath.com.

Math Open Reference - mainly geometry. Nice interactive demos. Common Core aligned.

featuredInteractive Math Dictionary for Kids - Interactive and visual ("maths" is the short form of mathematics in much of the english-speaking world, outside of the US - this comes from Austrailia).

Math Playground - educational site for elementary and middle school students. Math Games, Word Problems, and Logic Games.

Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA) - New from the Mathematical Association of America. Includes higher mathematical thinking. See the Mathlets in each issue (these are Java applets).

Funbrain.com - Games (see MathBrain) for practicing math. Grades 1 to 8. See also the Quiz Lab.  Teachers can post quizzes for their students to do online.

iKnowthat.com - K-6 Games. Bucky's Blueprints and MathBlox practice. Might be fun for indoor recess on rainy days. Decipher Word Problems ("pick-an-operation" word problems).

featuredAcademic Skill Builders - Meteor Multiplication, Alien Addition, and Minus Mission. Gives very nice diagnostic reports.

featuredHoodamath.com - lots a great thinking games. I recommend: Coffee Shop and Bloxorz.

featuredMultiplication.com - Comprehesive site with lots of free resources, games, and self-checking worksheets. Resources (games and worksheets); Test your progress (online worksheets); Teaching process.

Arithmetic Practice Games - Interactive games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Online worksheets too that correct themselves. Part of APlusMath.com.

Math Continuum - Games and practice for number, geometry, algebra, and probability/statistics.

Virtual Algebra Tiles - A good exercise.  Not a lot of variety.  Does not show all you can do with Algebra Tiles, but a good activity none the less.

Explorelearning - (formerly ExploreMath.com) This is probably the best site on the web for interactive math applets--however it is no longer free. These applets (they call them "Gizmos") are excellent! I believe you do get to use one applet free per day. There is a 30-day demo as well. Many of the Gizmos also have an online assessment built in.

VisualFractions.com - That's it.  Learn about fractions visually.  Includes equivalent fractions, mixed fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.  Learning games included.

Math Reasoning Inventory - "Find out what your students really know about mathematics." Led by Marilyn Burns. Whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Building Houses - Applet for building a building and seeing the three (top, front, and right) views. Helps students with spatial visualization.

Contig for Windows - I'm not sure if this is still around. This is free software that you will load (and run) to (from) your hard drive. Contig is a very good strategy game (and you practice arithmetic and order of operations at the same time!). The site has the rules. I would play Contig first on a physical game board (with markers), to learn the game. Then learn how to do it on the computer (vs. the computer). There are different levels of difficulty and "computer strategy." This is timed (which can be adjusted). I believe the default settings are challenging and fast, so you probably want to change these the first time, or it will be frustrating.

Online - Interactive Mathematics - Online Practice (computer graded). Multiple levels.

Tangents Applet - This applet draws the graph of a function and its derivative. A tangent line is drawn on the function, and a crosshair marks the corresponding point on the graph of the tangent. You can move the tangent line by clicking-and-dragging on either graph.

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope! - Use your own graphic (from the Internet) to make an interactive kaleidoscope.

Tangrams - Online. Part of fwend.com.
Cyberchase Tangrams - PBS.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - Lots of puzzles with Java applets.  The site has won many awards.  Try Flipping Pancakes or Farmer and Wife To Catch Rooster and Hen or the Three Glass (water pouring) problem (or the water pouring variation).  Then move on to the more advanced.  Lots of explanations and theory provided. See cut-the-knot.com.

Puzzles - Such as Tower of Hanoi.  Part of math.comHex-7. The Hex-7 page is very interesting and includes a great example of a "non-constructive" proof of a winning strategy for player one. 

Online Interactive Puzzle Hall of Fame - Fun online and you have to think. See also Clickmazes.

Tower of Hanoi on the Web - more Tower of Hanoi information, history, and variations.

§» Problem Solving (Including Puzzles & Games)

Freepuzzles.com - Good problem of the week possibilities. Rated by difficulty.

Sudoku - This is the hot puzzle game. Can play online at this site. (You can google for more Sudoku sites, as you wish.)

Mental-Workout - I have not checked this sit out much. May have some potential.

The Problem Site - Educational Games, Puzzles, and Problem Solving. Math games, math problems, word games, word puzzles, mystery quests.

PROBLEMS for Math Problem Solving - from Nine Quick Learning Strategies for Success. PROBLEMS is an eight step process for solving math word problems.

Braingle - Brain teasers, riddles, puzzles and games. Created by Jake Olefsky (who wrote the book The Everything Brain Strain Book.

Mathematische Basteleien - (from Germany) Interesting things on paper folding, tetrahedrons, soma cube, Rubic's cube, and more.

 Problems of the Week -- Students can submit their solutions. (Not all of these are continually active, but most have a nice archive of problems available.)

Math Contests and Competitions (for K-12)

MATHCOUNTS - A coaching and competition program for middle school students nationwide. Even if you don't participate, the handbook (available online) they provide are a great source of math problems. Comprehensive discussion of problem solving strategies is included.

Shack's Math Problems - Great problems (mathproblems.info).

Interactive NIM sites:

Burr Puzzles

Boredom Buster Sites (sites with games and puzzles for kids):

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles - just that, mathematical puzzles of varying difficulty.

Java Games - Some pretty good drill and practice (which generally I like to do using paper-and-pencil) games. On the basic operations and geometry terms. Part of APlusMath.com.

§» Topic Sites

Great books by the TV-star and UCLA mathematics major, Danica McKellar.

MATHmodels.org - Mathmodels is COMAP’s new modeling forum. On this site, students and faculty will find a wide range of interesting contemporary modeling problems. Teachers can assign problems. Students can choose to work on problems based on math topic and application area. There are contests.

RealWorldMath.org - Real World Math is a collection of free math activities for Google Earth designed for students and educators.

10/2020Mathematics News: Snapshots for high school. Slide shows. #History The Mathematics News Snapshots for High School (MNS) project aims to provide high school students with a glimpse into the exciting and dynamic world of contemporary mathematics. This shows the ever-growing nature of mathematics.

High School Operations Research - "Since 1996, we have been developing instructional materials for use in high school mathematics classrooms." Operations Research is all about applied mathematics to real-world problems (click here to find out what "Operations Research" is). Uses Case Studies from companies such as McDonalds and L.L.Bean. Sponsored by INFORMS - Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Geodesics Domes and Spheres Page - page of links to information, lesson ideas, buildings, and videos.

Math Mistakes - This site is about compiling, analyzing and discussing the mathematical errors that students make.

Math and the Art of M. C. Escher - Huge site on the artist/mathematician M C Escher.

STEM Transitions - By the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD). At its core are six Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career clusters that have provided the context for instructional materials. Sixty-one Curriculum Projects Ready for Classroom Use.

Trig Cheat Sheet - Definitions, formulas, unit circle, and more. From cheat-sheets.org.

Brain Breaks - blog and book by a HS math teacher from Naperville, Illinois.

Next Generation Science Standards - released April 2013. This is the science version of the Common Core State Standards (which are for English and Math).

Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics - [PDF] released 2020. From AMTE.

PUMAS - PUMAS = "Practical Uses of Math And Science" (poo' · mas) -- a collection of one-page examples of how math and science topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings, including everyday life.

David Bailey's World of Escher-like Tessellations - yep, Escher-like tessellations.

Puzzle World - about many of the finest handcrafted mechanical puzzles in the world. Including Puzzle Design Competition, Slider Puzzles, The 15 Puzzle, and more. By John Rausch. Includes The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections - This is an internet version of Stewart Coffin's book of the same title. Huge site with everything from polycubes to the platonic solids and tons more. (Unfortunately it is "print" and not interactive.)

Thinking Blocks - an interactive math tool developed by classroom teachers to help students learn how to solve multistep word problems.

Pascal's Triangle websites - A list a websites I put together which provide information and applets on Pascal's Triangle, Triangular Numbers, and Tetrahedral Numbers. powerpoint

Fibonacci Numbers Websites

GoldenNumber.net - Very comprehensive web site on the golden ratio. Self-proclaimed "Phi Source."

The Golden Ratio - by David L. Narain. Drawback is that it is primarily text based.

How do you find exact values for the sine of all angles - Trigonometry. Even down to sin 1°.

cos 36° - Very nice article on the exact value of cos 36° and how it relates to the Golden Ratio!

Connect Palindromes - This is a two-player game (or play the computer) like Connect 4, but you are trying to get palindromes!

Ag in the Classroom - Agriculture across the curriculum. Tons of resources for teachers (including math connections). Lots of free resources and even grant money.

Graphics For The Calculus Classroom - lots of graphics and a few animations. A bit old now, but still some good stuff.

AP Calculus questions online. The free-response questions for multiple years are available here. From apcentral.collegeboard.com.

highlighted linkCalculus-Help.com - Has nice video tutorials (to find these click Tutorials and Fund Stuff|Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe). Also has Problems of the Week.

Calculus.org - Resources for students and teachers.

Calculus Applets - interactive Java applets for teaching and learning single variable calculus. They use graphs and tables to illustrate concepts.

DIG Stats - Delve into Descriptive and Inferential statistics, and then proceed to Graphical analysis. Activities contain data sets. It seems that this site has discontinued operations.

More Data Sets for Statistical Analysis - found on my My Students page.

Plotly - a cool new (online) way to graph data. Beta.

National Center for Education Statistics - Very good site. Has both resources for teachers to use in the classroom and statistical information on the state of education. Has:

Prime Mathematics Enrichment - Good problem library with problems organized by topic. (This site is not just about prime numbers.) Could use for problems of the week. Also has online Tangram puzzles. Monthly magazine.

The Prime Pages - This is about prime numbers. Prime number research, records, and resources. Has a nice list of Prime Conjectures and Open Questions. Interesting facts, curiosities, and problems. Can check a number's primality (but it can't be too big :-).

Geometry Center - At Science U. Good stuff on tilings, symmetry, and more. Check out Kali, where you can interact with the frieze and wallpaper patterns.

TilingSearch.org- Awesome (searchable) database of beatiful tilings. Couple examples.

Exploratorium - The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception. There is some math in here - check out the The Math Explorer.

Archimedes' Laboratory - Puzzling and Mental Activities Since 1997.

Powers of Ten - View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move closer all the way to the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.
A Question of Scale
is a similar site but zooms in on a honey bee in San Francisco.

Pi Day Ideas (I know very little about these sites for Pi Day. You'll have to verify the validity yourself.)

Exactly How Is Math Used In Technology? - Examples of how various areas of mathematics are applied to various areas of technology. High School Algebra to Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis, and Food Technology to Prosthetics.

Girl's Plus Math Camp - This is a summer mathematics program for girls ages 12 and 13 to develop an appreciation for mathematics. It is held on the Western Illinois University campus.

Color Math Pink - designed specifically to help middle school and high school girls excel at math.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) - to encourage women and girls to study and to have active careers in the mathematical sciences, and
to promote equal opportunity and the equal treatment of women and girls in the mathematical sciences. Has a new Teacher Partnership Program.

The KnotPlot Site - A collection of knots and links, viewed from a mathematical perspective, created with KnotPlot, a computer program to visualize and manipulate mathematical knots.

IMAGES - Improving Measurement and Geometry in Elementary Schools. Has nice sections on Visualization and Spatial Reasoning, Cognitive & Developmental Issues, Instructional Activities and Lesson Plans, and more. Also, they get the best acronym award!

Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations - This is a page of links to various activities on symmetry and tessellation. I recommend Teach-Learn inversion from Scott Kim's Inversions Gallary.

GuideMe NACME - From the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.

Graphics Calculator Help - Select from ten different calculators. Then click a topic for specific instructions.

§» Learning Activities and Lesson Plans

Contextual Learning Resources - Use the table of links on the left hand side. From CORD.

WebQuests - "A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation." I like the concept. Has not been updated lately (as of 9/3/2002). Many of the links on the site do not work. E-mail the webmaster when you find dead links.

Triangular Math Facts Cards - For learning fact families. For example, 5x7 = 35; 35÷5 = 7; 35÷7 = 5; 7x5 = 35.

»» Assessment

Rubrics, Rubrics, and More Rubrics - Yikes, everybody's making them. Be careful, everything on the web is not of high quality.

Balanced Assessment in Mathematics - at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (website now housed at The Concord Consortium). Contains a library of 300 assessment tasks for grades K to 12, AMUSE (Assessing Mathematical Understanding and Skills Effectively), a very comprehensive paper on assessment, and the MCAPS Scoring Tool (Mathematics Content and Process Scoring System).

Diagnostic Mathematics Assessments for Middle School Teachers - measures mathematics knowledge in four content domains: Number/Computation, Geometry/Measurement, Probability/Statistics, Algebraic Ideas. Middle School Mathematics Content Summary Chart. From the University of Louisville.

QuizletQuizlet.com - Nice site for online flashcards/quizzes. There is an iPad App for this! You/Students can create your/their own. My quizzes at quizlet.com/dro314.

ThatQuiz.com - Nice site for online quizzes. You can create your own.

MyMathTest.com - You can do an online quiz on Basic Math through Introductory Algebra. Automatically scored with quick feedback. (The required plug-in download is quick and painless.)

Authentic Education - Grant Wiggins' website. Understanding by Design (UbD). "backward design" twitter A Brief Introduction Big Ideas (Wiggins' blog).

The Danielson Group - Services, The Framework, Resources

Danielson 2013 Rubric - from New York

»» More Math Education Sites

Number Time - Pre-K - 2. Fun animations, games, songs, and movies.

SoftChalk - This is software (it does cost, but it's real good--I use it). It makes learning modules (actually web pages) for use online and in online courses ("SCORM" modules). You can easily create matching, labeling, multiple choice, ordering, etc. quizzes and activities.

Rounding Game - practice rounding properly.

Study Guides and Strategies - Very comprehensive. Does have a math section.

Test Prep Review - Free Practice Tests for over 60 tests from the ACT to, CLEP, Praxis, to GRE, and many more.

Varsity Tutors Practice Tests - Short practice tests, flashcards, and Question-of-the-Day, for ACT, COMPASS, CLEP, and more. Part of http://www.varsitytutors.com/.

Online Math Tests - includes algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and more.

AAA Math - K-8 arithmetic lessons with online practice (with immediate feedback). Pick a topic, then go down to the PLAY area and click your game. (AAAMath is equivalent to www.321know.com,)

Isometric Dot Paper and Geoboard Dot Paper and Geoboard Dot Papers

Geometry Labs Book - free online. Over 100 pages of grade 8-11 geoboard activities. Mostly circular geoboards. Includes Trigonometry.

Print Free Graph Paper - Cartesian, polar, isometric, and logarithmic (pdf files).

highlighted linkNumber Line Generator - great tool for making custom number lines (for use on worksheets, SmartBoard, web, assessments, etc.).

PDF Generator - Create and print pages of number lines, graph paper, dot paper, and much more -- even fretboard diagrams for guitar. This site also has calendar generators, free music, and more for most curriculum areas. Incompetech.com labels themselves "Ugly website, brilliant content."

High school Hub Mathematics - A good portal for HS students and teachers. A lot of the same links you see on this page. Part of the High School Hub.

COMETS - Clearinghouse On Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science. Created specifically to address the unique educational needs of hearing-impaired students, this site hosts a wide variety of lessons, resources, and workshops for education professionals in math, science, engineering and technology.

Teach Engineering - The TeachEngineering digital library provides teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms.

Logical Fallacies - (This website has changed so the link now goes to a PDF. Nicely organized examples and instruction on logical fallacies by Stephen Downes.(another place I found) Another place to find information on logical fallacies is logical fallacy from Wikipedia.

thou shalt not commit logical fallacies - another good site describing logical fallacies. They have a free Poster.

Math Dance - Classroom activities for teaching mathematics and performing arts through whole-body movement.  For grades 4-12.  For example, check out The Four Basic Symmetries.

PBS TeacherSource - Math - Mathline. Activities, videos, and lesson plans.  Part of  PBS TeacherSource.  Part of  PBS Online.

The Futures Channel - Activities and links for interesting math and science lessons.  Includes a nice section on careers.  Updated frequently.

Investigation/Exploration in Geometry to Discover Properties Using a Dynamic Geometry Program

Here's the process:

Here are some sources for investigation ideas (These are from Antonio Gutierrez's Geometry Step-by-Step From the Land of the Incas site, which includes inspirational poems and more.):

LEGO Links:

ThinkQuest - "ThinkQuest Inc. is a non profit organization which offers programs designed to advance education through the use of technology." Have won many awards. A large website covering all curriculum areas. They do have a site tour and information page.

Math in Daily Life - Examples of math in daily life.  Includes a nice annotated list of Math Web sites.  This is part of Annenberg/CPB Exhibits.

When Am I Going to Use This? - On-the-Job Applications of Mathematics. Infographic on uses of HS math.

Make It Real Learning - 'Through our online library of engaging real-world mathematics activities, we answer the question, "When am I ever going to use this?"' Quite a few free, sample activities available.

Math Trails - You've heard of nature trails, well there is mathematics around us as well. Math trails from across the country. See also Math Trails from Canada.

§» Mega Sites

N.C.T.M. - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

I.C.T.M. - Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics - student memberships cheap.

  • ICTM Parent Handbook - Click here to download the handbook in PDF format. To view it you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available from this site.
  • Open Source Textbook Sites

    featured linkCK12 Flexbooks - Free textbooks online! This foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the cost of textbook materials for the K-12 market.

    featured linkHeritage High School Geometry Textbook (provided online)

    featured linkBig Ideas Math Learning or Easy Access Student Edition - Student materials (textbooks) available. 100's of pages. Videos available. Includes a Basic Skills handbook. Very good. From Ron Larson.

    More OER textbooks:

    featured linkKhan Academy - Huge library of videos covering K-12 math and other topics. Practice activities included.

    featured linkThe Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) - aims to increase enjoyment, confidence and ability in mathematics and computer science among students and teachers. Celebrating 50 years in 2013!  Has POW's. From University of Waterloo (Canada).

    Yummy Math - Mathematics relevant ot our world today.

    Steve Leinwand - "The fact that, for the first time, the U.S. has what is essentially a national curriculum, equivalent in quality to what is found in the highest scoring countries in the world, means that the focus of leadership can finally shift from arguing about what math to teach, to how best to teach the agreed upon content to all students." See also his page with "Great Online Math Resources."

    eMathHelp - free online resource for HS and colelge math students.

    SpringBoard - English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum for students in grades 6 – 12. From the CollegeBoard.

    IXL - Covers a huge number of topics from K to Algebra.  Online questions (which are scored electronically).

    Math Goodies - Math Goodies is a free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards, and more!

    Mathway.com - This site has worksheets and will solve problems for you.  To see the steps you have to pay. Basic math through calculus and stats.

    India Bix - Online quizzes and tests to test many things from logical reasoning to arithmetic, to science, and more.

    The 50 State Quarters® Program Lesson Plans - from the U.S.Mint. Games and more.

    Best Practices for Mathematics Instruction - From It's About Time, Herff Jones Education Division.

    Helping Your Child Learn Math - Ideas for parents of PreK-7 grade children. From the U.S. Department of Education.

    Helping Your Child Learn Math – A Parent's Guide - For parents of PreK-3 grade children. From Ontario, Canada.

    Math and Children's Literature <<click here or the links below.

    Math Night - Math Night is an event that allows kids and their parents to explore and enjoy areas of mathematics they wouldn't encounter in everyday schoolwork. Includes a Guide, Activities, and Pencil and Paper Games. Contains many activities on topology.

    Indiana High-Quality Tasks for Improving Instruction - tasks.

    Intel Education - Technology, science, and math classroom ideas from the chip maker Intel Corporation.

    Blue Web'n - A library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the web.  They make a distinction between lesson plans on the web (which could as well been in a book) and web based learning activities that require the student to use the web, in some way, to get information.

    AIMS Education Foundation - Activities Integrating Math and Science . Has a Puzzle Corner.

    AIMS Association of Illinois Middle-Level Schools - "Making the middle matter!"

    Twenty Questions about Mathematical Reasoning - by Lynn Arthur Steen, St. Olaf College.

    TI Calculators - Lots of resources (about uses of Texas Instruments calculators), including software downloads (some free), lesson plans, support, and contact information (800-TI-CARES, 800-842-2737).

    TI-Nspire CX Handheld* Resource Page - links to resources.

    America Counts - a multifaceted Federal initiative designed to help teachers' professional development (pre- and in-service). (This is different from MathCounts.)

    Homework Hints
        Helping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers
       Staying on top of Your Studies: A Guide for Students, Parents and Teachers

    NUMB3RS is a drama about an FBI agent who recruits his mathematical-genius brother to help the Bureau solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles.

    Escape from Knab - THE Adventure - Escape from Knab is an educational simulation which takes participants through a series of financial decision- making experiences in the fun and entertaining setting of the fictitious planet, Knab where visitors discover the results of their actions and decisions.  Students learn mathematics, economics, life skills (and use the Internet technology).

    The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center - This site will help you build an effective mathematics education program and consider the new standards-based mathematics curricula (sponsored by the NSF). Located at the Education Development Center (EDC). Or see any of the following:

    Fun Facts - This large (searchable by topic and level) archive is designed as a resource for enriching your courses with mathematical Fun Facts!

    featured siteMath Is Fun - Games, Puzzles, platonic solids, Mathionaire Multiplication Quiz. Has a very nice place for students to practice arithmetic facts called Math Trainer. Also has area with math explanations.

    Millennium Mathematics Project - Large project from the UK. Has featured siteNRICH problems; featured sitePlus Magazine (targeted for secondary students) which opens a window to the world of maths, with all its beauty and applications, by providing articles from the top mathematicians and science writers on topics as diverse as art, medicine, cosmology and sport.

    Teacher Resources on Line (trol) - Lots of stuff for math teachers from a PDF file of the first 100 digits of pi (for your wall), to missing digit puzzles, to counting problems and more. (Actually, it's for maths teachers--it's from the UK.)

    highlighted linkCoolmath.com and Coolmath4kids.com- On-line Thinking games, Brain Benders, Way Cool Math Things, Graphing calculator, 3-D Mazes, Graph game, and more. Has a big practice area, including Algebra Crunchers. This site has a lot of ads, but it is a good site and the lady running it seems to be well qualified.

    Jim Loy's Mathematics Page - Huge website covering many math topics from Algebra to Fractals and Chaos to Zeno's Paradoxes.

    John Handley High School Math Page - Lots of Math Humor, Puzzles, Poems, Quotes, and more.

    Mathematics 101 - 'Leading Sites for Math Teachers.' Comprehensive list of annotated resources.

    PurpleMath - "Your Algebra Resource." Seemed quite symbolic (not a lot of interactive applets or applications) on my first visit. Very complete. Offers a lot of explanations of topics such as factoring and intercepts. Has a good list of math links. Also has and explanation and example of the classic word problems-scroll down to the bottom (such as age, coin, and mixture problems).

    WWW Interactive Mathematics Server ("WIMS") - Search engine, puzzles, online plotters and calculators, more. This site has some excellent activities. This site is rather hard to navigate, (and for me to provide reliable links) so apply some problem solving. I really like Correspondence (for learning about 1-to-1 and onto functions for advanced math students) and Magic Rectangle (for middle school students to practice addition and problem solving simultaneously).

    §» Reference Sites

    Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics (aka Wolfram MathWorld) - Math World from Wolfram Research. Lot's of interesting topics - many advanced topics. Very interactive and dynamic. See also:

    Maths Online - This page contains prepared links to more than sixty online tools for every day purposes, and some hints where you find more. Function plotters, calculators, and symbolic processors. "Maths Online" comes from oversees. Also has The Gallery which consists of interactive multimedia learning units an many topics including derivatives.

    Mathematical Moments - This program promotes appreciation and understanding of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology, and human culture. Download this series of pdf files. It's from the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

    Math Awareness Month (need link) - Each year there is a theme intended to, you guessed it, promote math awareness. Lots of interesting activities, ideas, and archives from the Mathematical Association of American (MAA).

    I.S.B.E. - Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). See also the list of ROE's (my ROE page). or the IARSS Site (which includes the "ROE Minimum Requirement Document," updated December 28, 2006) or a map showing the ROE's.

    SAT and ACT Test Prep

    featured linkUniversal Design for Learning - Nicely organized theory and website (by CAST). The UDL Guidelines are based on three principles.

    National Mathematics Advisory Panel Final Report - On March 13, 2008, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel presented its Final Report to the President of the United States and the Secretary of Education.

    Math Reference Sheets

    featured linkReference Sheets - Has math reference sheets for algebra through calculus.

    featured linkPaul Dawkins Trig Cheat Sheet - one of my faves. Trigonometry.

    featured linkGeometry Reference and Formula Sheet - from AIMS. Posted by the Arizona Department of Education.

    College Algebra Quick Reference Sheet - no graphs, but lots of symbolic algebra.

    Regents Exam Prep Center- for the NewYork Regents exam. Practice problems.

    NutritionData.com - good source for data on food. If you want to write problems using real-world data and rates, this is a good site. Actually shows the food label for virtually every food.

    Top 50 Teacher Websites for Seriously Dedicated Educators - mainly blog for a wide variety of topics from Assistive Technology, to Creativity, to edTech, and much more.

    Hotmath.org - Hotmath provides free solutions for actual math homework problems in many popular textbooks, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus (High school). The problems are worked step-by-step.
    Multimedia Math Glossary - For grades 1 to 8.

    §» Free Software

    Google Drive - I'm impressed with this.  Google drive is a form of cloud storage (always available via the Internet). You can create (google) forms which send information to (google) spreadsheets.  The forms can be used to assign homework or quizzes (see Flubaroo-next item).

    Flubaroo - Grading Made Easy - This guy (a teacher, Kurt Wismer) has created a script which runs in google spreadsheets to grade a quiz or assignment. It is real slick and it give a nice report. The site explains the steps well.

    IHMC Concept Mapping Software - Free! download.  Concept maps are great!  Here's software for creating, saving, updating, and sharing concept maps (you can also print, publish to the web, and more)! 

    Probability Explorer - excellent! Probability Explorer is a research-based software application designed with tools that enable students and teachers to design, simulate, and analyze a variety of probabilistic situations. It costs, but there is a free demo.

    SimCalc MathWorlds - Software. Research and development in technology and curriculum
    dedicated to helping all students understand the Mathematics of Change and Variation (including ideas underlying Calculus). This Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education (at UMass Dartmouth) was lead by, the late, Dr. James J Kaput.

    Poly - a shareware program for exploring and constructing polyhedra. Manipulate solids and their nets. Fold and unfold nets. Pedagoguery Software Inc. in Canada

    Graph Paper Printer - Free program (software) for printing your own graph paper. To download it is probably best to search for "graph paper printer" at download.com. This software has been around for a while. I still use it. Very customizable.

    Peanut Software - This is great software and it's free!  "Wingeom" does many of the same things as Geometer's Sketchpad (and some new things too).  There are other titles.  Downloads are fast.  Click here for a 1-page handout on Wingeom (Word doc).

    Cabri 3D - Another dynamic geometry software package. Specializes in three dimensional geometry. Has a 30-Day free trial.

    highlighted linkGeoGebra - "dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus." Open source and free!! My Geogebra Page (geogebraatwiu.pbworks.com).

    NonEuclid - NonEuclid is Interactive Java Software for Creating Ruler and Compass Constructions in both the Poincaré Disk and the Upper Half-Plane Models of Hyperbolic Geometry (non-euclidean geometry).

    StatGames - consists of 20 games—or challenges—that will help you test and refine your statistical thinking

    Mathgv Function Plotting Software - free I haven't used it, but it has been recommended by others.

    SpeQ Math Software - This is a small, extensive mathematics program with a simple, intuitive interface. Easy and USB-portable (I think) CAS program.

    Topology and Geometry Software - by Jeff Weeks. KaleidoTile was updated November 2005. See Torus and Klein Bottle Games. This is another place to interact with the frieze and wallpaper patterns (Kali - slightly different from Kali at the Geometry Center).

    Mathematical Visualization Toolkit - Excellent (easy to use) 3-D (and 2-D) plotter, by the Department of Applied Mathematics at CU-Boulder.

    QuickMath - Automatic Math Solutions. This is a free online CAS (computer algebra system). This will factor polynomials, solve equations, do calculus inegrals, and more. Powered by WebMathematica. Warning: this is an answer-giver, and may be more detrimental than helpful in helping students understand mathematics.

    Mathematics Links

    Of course these have educational use as well.
    History of Mathematics archive - Very complete.  Has a poster of the day page.  Mathematicians of the day.

    The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences - By The OEIS Foundation. (Originally from AT&T.) Type in a sequence, such as 1,3,6,10,15,21,28 and it will return lots of information about the sequence.

    A Geometric Proof of Heron's Formula - with lots of nice diagrams. Uses the right angle inscribed in a semicircle, geometric mean, similar triangles, (and more). It's a long proof but reads pretty well.

    What's Special About This Number?

    Inverse Graphing Calculator - Generates an equation whose graph says...what ever you type in! See also the article on the equation of a segment.

    Number Gossip - Enter a number and I'll tell you everything you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask - including if it is a weird number.

    Geometry Atlas - Self-proclaimed as "the web's largest collection of geometric formulas and figures, all available in MathML, Maple and Mathematica input and Geometry Expressions files."

    Open Problem Garden - This is a database of open problems (unsolved problems) in mathematics. For example, the Collatz conjecture.

    Tricki - repository of mathematical know-how. Advanced math. College- and graduate school-level. This is a "wiki-style site that is intended to develop into a large store of useful mathematical problem-solving techniques. Some of these techniques will be very general, while others will concern particular subareas of mathematics."

    Searchable database of the Mathematics Magazine and the College Math Journal - from the Math Department at Harvey Mudd College.

    MathOverflow.net - A place for mathematicians to ask and answer questions.

    Convergence - Where mathematics, history, and teaching interact. A magazine of the Mathematical Association of America.

    Shortest-path Algorithms - A clever demo of various shortest-path algorithms.

    Free University Courses Available Online - there is a growing number of providers. These, generally, are free (and there are quizzes/tests) but you don't get college credit on a transcript. They do provide lot of usable materials and videos. I do not have personal experience with these, so you'll have to find out yourself which ones work well. Here are some links to explore.

    Study.com (formerly Education Portal Academy) - Good high-quality online videos. Including math videos.

    Mysterious Number 6174 - Interesting article on this interesting number.

    Top 100 Theorems - One person's opinion. Work in progress, but worth a look. (see also)

    Mathematical "Imagery" - The connection between mathematics and art goes back thousands of years. Has Advents Kalendar. Has Five Intersecting Tetrahedra (which I'd like to build someday). From the AMS.

    Linear Algebra Toolkit - A number of modules which are designed to help a linear algebra student learn and practice a basic linear algebra procedure, such as Gauss-Jordan reduction, calculating the determinant, or checking for linear independence. From Old Dominion University.

    GameTheory.net - Interactive Materials, Quizzes & Tests, Lecture Notes, Dictionary, Games

    Origami Links:

    Comprehensive List of Math Resources - Calculators and pages on everything from ANOVA's to Cross product of 2 vectors. Most are not designed to be educational, but answer-givers.

    Web Page Development, Internet Stuff, Computer Hints, Graphics, Music, & Software 'n Fonts

    §» Web Page Development

    The 'Top Three' (OK, my opinion today) sites for making (and hosting) free websites are:

    Text Formatting Using HTML Tags - How to manually use HTML tags to get, for example, bold print, or superscripts.

    HTML/XHTML in one page - nice cheat sheet.

    Link Checker - Check links on a page. You can also use Check My Links in Chrome.

    My notes from year ago on making Web Pages - The big picture.

    Math (and symbols) in Web Pages and (Math on the Web) Tools

    Web Page Hosting

    §» Internet Stuff

    Speed Test Sites

    Is the website down checkers:

    QR Codes

    §» Computer Hints

    Computer Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts - on Windows, Word, Internet Explorer, Power Point, etc. I don't have much yet, but hope to add to it. This is a place I look if I've forgotten how to do something (e.g., making a sticky space in Word).

    Featured linkPureText - Have you ever copied some text from a web page or a document and then wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple. Free download. The program runs on your own computer. I use this daily.

    Featured linkDropbox - Any file you save to Dropbox also instantly saves to your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website. 2GB free.

    Geometer's Sketchpad on Web Pages using JavaSketchpad

    To make a Geometer's Sketchpad file into a JavaSketchpad file so that it can be viewed on the Internet. You have to Save As and select .htm format and you put put it in a folder which also houses the JSP folder.

    For more information, see www.dynamicgeometry.com/javasketchpad/about.php.

    WinSCP - this is a secure FTP (file transfer protocol) program for transferring files to and from the computer you are working on (in particular, your wireless laptop) and the WIU-ecom server (the P: "samba" drive), where webpage files (and more) are stored. Free download. After installation use hostname: sftp.wiu.edu (and your ecom username and password).

    File Size Calculator - Use this tool to convert file storage size from one unit of measurement to another. Bytes, KB, MB, GB, and more.

    Color Tools

    Coolors - tool (website) for making color palette. Has a Pick Colors From Image option.
    Material Design Colors
    - easy (click) to get the color number. Including Social Colors.
    Color Scheme Designer 3
    - use it to find colors that look good together.
    HTML Color Plalette (and more)
    - for web page designers. from www.w3schools.com

    Color Number Converter- convert color numbers from one format to another.
    5/2020Encycolorpedia- Most everything you want to know about color numbers.

    Color Picker
    - for web page designers.
    Gradients - uigradients.com

    Colour Numbers - Another utility that may help find color numbers.

    Web Safe Colors - Colors (with numbers) that work on any browser. Here's another.
    Colors on the Web.com - tools for using colors on the web.
    ColorMatch 5K

    Video (creation, storage, and conversion)

    Jing and TechSmith - Jing is a free screen capture program. TechSmith offers numerous image and video handling services (some cost).

    Screenr - Site for easily making videos of your screen, with audio ("screencasts").

    Vimeo - Site for storing videos. Higher quality than YouTube.

    Zamzar - For converting video formats (e.g., .mp4 to .mov).

    Videos using Windows Media Encoder - Use this piece of free Microsoft software to capture audio and video content from a computer screen or screens for later playback using Windows Media Player. Links to the download files and sample videos. Very easy to use.

    The Big Picture of Creating and Using Videos for Teaching & Learning - How to create, prepare, and post videos -- pretty easy! (posted Jan. 2010)

    The Living Internet - provides a free reference guide to the Internet, taking a concise look at its history, design, use and more. Began in 2000.

    Internet Clipboard - cl1p.net acts as an Internet clipboard, allowing you to copy and paste between computers "as easy as 1-2-3." Sounds a bit strange at first, but this may be the fastest way to create a web page. This is an interesting free service (visit the site and figure out for yourself how they can provide this for free). Check it out!

    Run a Bobby Scan - You put in the URL of a page and it will scan it to see if you have met Accessibility Guidelines.

    J*va On the Brain - A site about Java programming. I have not learned this yet, but I'd like to do so some day.

    §» Graphics

    Canva - a good tool for combining graphics and words. Will make collages.

    A Few Things I've Learned About Google Images- Video (by me).

    A Few Things I've Learned About Wikipedia Images- Video (by me).

    Online Image Editor - Good image editor. Includes (under Wizards) a tool to make areas transparent.

    OpenClipart.org - Unlimited use and in the public domain.

    ClipArtMag - free clipart.

    Copyright Free Images - handful of sites. Clipart and photos.

    10/2018Pikwizard - free images library.

    FreeImages.com - Free photographs. Can be used as PowerPoint backgrounds.

    FreeImages.co.uk - UK version

    FreeDigitalPhotos - Royalty free photos for business and personal use.

    Pixabay.com - free high quality images.

    12/2019TheNounProject.com - Icons for everything.

    TheNounProject.com - "Our community is building a visual language of icons anyone can understand"

    Graphics (and icons) from Smashing Magazine

    ICOConvert - a free online icon maker and favicon generator. With it you can make icons from png or jpg images.

    JPEG Compress - Resize and optimize the images including GIFs, JPEG, PNG, JPG, SVG, and WEBP.

    Resizeimage.net - a free online graphic re-sizer. (Similar to ICOConver.)

    TinEye - Reverse image search. Find where/other places an image appears on the internet.

    Da Button Factory - Da Button Factory lets you create appealing buttons for websites, in no time and for free.

    2/2024Call-to-Action Button Generator - free and simple to use.


    FreePik.com - Free Vectors, PSD, Icons and photos.

    highlighted linkGiphy - Very good site. Can make your own annimated gifs and can find Gifs. Let's start making these for math!

    Animated GIFs - Use these as you would a regular gif.

    Logomaker - Free. Make your own, professional looking logo.

    Lite-Brite Applet - This is an online version of the "old" Lite-Brite game. It could be used to create a graphic sign.

    Glitterfy - Custom glitter graphics - photos or words. Can make photo flipbooks.

    Christian PowerPoint backgrounds - From heartlight.org. Searchable or all listed here (482 as of 11/05).

    highlighted linkImagechef.com - Nice site. Multiple tools, including how to create custom images with your text on them, a Word Mosaic (cloud), and more.

    Says-it.com - Custom make signs - on a McDonalds sign, pop can, delivery truck, and more.

    Word Clouds

    7/2018Word Art - Powerful word cloud program. wordart.com

    Tagxedo.com - Another site to create word clouds.

    MonkeyLearn word cloud - I haven't used it yet.

    Wordclouds.com - I haven't used it yet.

    Worditout.com - I haven't used it yet.

    Fodey.com - Creative graphics elements - Ninja, clapper boards, and more.

    Nown Project - Large collection of highly recognizable ("international") symbols - could be used as icons.

    Seamless backgrounds - at patterns.ava7.com

    A few scanning tips - Information on Image Resolution and much more.

    §» Music

    There is music available in YouTube Audio Library.

    Richard Byrne put together this 7 Places to Find Free Music & Sound Effects for Multimedia Projects it includes:

    Royalty-free Music
    Danosongs.com  Royalty-free Music

    §» Software 'n Fonts


    SeaMonkey Suite (Formerly Mozilla Suite) - This is free and includes is a Web browser and HTML editor (the "Composer," for making Web pages) (and has advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, an IRC chat client). The Firefox browser is also from mozilla.org and is very popular. Download for free.

    Bravenet.com - Lots of free tools (including web page counters) for web developers. Founded in 1997.

    Online Needs - This is a page of needed plug-ins for Internet use and online courses.

    E-mail Stripper - free program to cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of emails, so they're easier to read. Very easy to use.

    Videoguys.com - Learn here how to put videos on to DVD's. See the DVD Q&A, which is part of the DVD Cookbook.

    Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Software - Spyware is software that runs in the background of your computer (and spys on you). WIU recommends Ad-aware and Spybot Search and Destroy (use the bulleted links below). See also WIU's resnet site. Lots of good reading on security issues can be found at firewallguide.com.

    featured linkSMART Board Information - Interactive Whiteboard

    featured linkMimio Information - Interactive Whiteboard

    StarOffice Suite - This office software package is free for educators. It is similar to Microsoft Office, but it is from Sun Microsystems. Has word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing tool, and database. Click the education link. You do have to register and the download takes a while.

    OpenOffice - This office software package is free. It is similar to Microsoft Office and to StarOffice. It is from Sun Microsystems (as is StarOffice-I'm not sure of the relationship between Star- and Open-Office).

    GIMP - The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages. Similar to Photoshop.

    Downloads - Winzip, Dreamweaver (30-day trial), Palm OS, you name it. Nicely organized and downloads are rated for quality.


    Butterick’s Practical Typography - This is a quite comprehensive (online) book on fonts and typography. His typography in ten minutes and summary of key rules are concise and a good place to start. He has lots of good ideas - and he is also selling his fonts (hey, everybody needs to make a living).

    $$ Finding Grant Funds $$

    Finding Funders - Grants for education. Part of the The Foundation Center website.
    Obtaining Resources for Technology in Education - A How-to Guide for Writing Proposals, Forming Partnerships, and Raising Funds (Book online)
    Grant Sources from ISTE - The International Society for Technology in Education.
    SMARTer Kids Foundation - provides grants and programs to eligible K–12 schools and learning institutions.

    The Teaching Career

    Illinois Education Job Bank - lists of job openings for teachers.  See also Employment Opportunities.

    Key NoteAdding Teaching Endorsements Now Easier in Illinois - Once a teacher has a PEL (Professional Educator License), adding endorsements (even in at a different grade level) has become easier in Illinois. ISBE page.

    1/2020Dual Credit Endorsement - This is for teachers (grades 11-12) who wish to teach dual credit courses. PDF here. ISBE website here.

    Teachers of Tomorrow - Developing confident educators, blog, insights into the current teacher shortage, and more.

    Teacher Evaluation Page - this is page has information, links, and resources regarding teacher evaluation. Includes information on PEAC and PERA. Included is the Danielson framework.

    Teacher Discounts Guide -List of Stores giving discounts. Savings Tips, Buying Guides & Shopping Advice.

    Teach.com - become a teacher and make a difference.

    iPad For Novices and iPad For Schools: Information, Links, and Resources - Since I'm new at the iPad, I made these pages to help myself and other newbies. A Few More iPad Tips

    Brain-Based Learning and Learning Theories - much has been discovered and written lately -- and this helps us help our students learn.

    Advisees (or anyone) looking for a job click here to see what Kate Fijalkowski wrote from her experience so far in the job search - Including Quad City Job Fair info. Also, WIU students make sure you have registered with the WIU Career Services Office (Sherman Hall 116, (309)298-1838) and get signed up to receive the Employment Opportunities Bulletin.

    Ten Commandments

    What Do Middle School Teachers Need to Know to Teach Mathematics Effectively - from the State of Illinois and professional societies. I compiled this list of "standards" documents.

    Unity - Poem (author unknown) about parents and teachers raising childrn.

    Few more poems - including Children are...A, B, C's.

    School Improvement

    Numeracy Across the Curriculum - This is something that we need to pay attention to and endorse and grow.

    Cultural Roots - Can we import the "Finnish approach"? Finland math scores are among the highest in the world. Why is it? One of the main reasons is the cultural attitude about teaching and math. Can we import the "Finnish approach"? Video on the Finnish approach. E-mail on importing the "Finnish approach".

    Annenberg Teacher Resources - www.learner.org. Professional development videos. For example, Mathematics Illuminated is a 13-part multimedia learning resource for adult learners and high school teachers in math and other disciplines or Patterns, Functions, and Algebra has 12 videos showing teachers in a professional development setting.

    Schoolies - Comics by John P. Wood. Humor for Educators.(learninglaffs.com)

    Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks - math humor.

    How to Win Friends and Influence People - summary of Dale Carnegie's book, recommended reading for teachers.

    Teaching College Math - mega site with lots of real cool stuff. Lots of Calculus links, too.

    I.B.H.E. - Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). News, notes, grants, and the Illinois Commitment (1999).

    School, District, and State Report Cards (for Illinois)

    Nation's Report Card (NAEP)

    NCLB - No Child Left Behind websites.

    Tapping America's Potential - Goal: Double the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates with bachelor's degrees by 2015. In July 2005, 15 prominent business organizations signed on to "Tapping America's Potential," agreeing to work toward this goal.

    TIMSS (and TIMSS-R) Third International Math and Science Study (1995) and TIMSS-Repeat (1999). Including test items.

    Be a Math Teacher - Information about becoming a math teacher. Includes information on the high demand for math teachers. From NCTM.

    USteach - Education Career Network. http://www.usteach.com/

    Math Education Research and a Plethora of Committee and Government Reports* - *The list of reports was compiled on the occasion of the Common Core State Standards - these reports were the precursors for the CCSS.

    Math For America - This is a foundation that seeks to help address the shortage of mathematics teachers. They have a fellowships.

    What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching - lots of useful ideas and tips.

    Mathematically Sane - Promoting the rational reform of mathematics education.

    Be a Math Teacher - from NCTM. Answers the questions of why be a math teacher, how to prepare to be a math teacher, and more.

    Classroom Management Links:

    Bulletin Board Sources (thanks to Melissa Waggoner):

    Teachers First -  many resources available.

    The Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education - A Washington D.C.-based nonprofit organization looking to to improve the quality and outcome of mathematics, science, and technology education.

    Other Links

    Mathematics placement at Western Illinois University for incoming students - More information about the ALEKS Placement Test. High school students are strongly encouraged to take a mathematics course their senior year.

    Why it is important for W.I.U. to make a commitment to the preparation of teachers - three documents

    So, Just Who Uses Math Page - Career Information Links

    The Mathematical Education of Teachers (MET Report) - The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) is an umbrella organization consisting of sixteen professional societies (MAA, AMS, NCTM, AMATYC, ...) all of which have as one of their primary objectives the increase or diffusion of knowledge in one or more of the mathematical sciences. This report is a very important report in teacher education.

    "Sites of the Day"

    Encyclopedia Britannica BLOG - Where Ideas Matter - Won the 2008 CODiE Award for Best Corporate Blog. Daniel Willingham posts on the first and third Mondays of each month (often about education). He is a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia.

    TED - "Ideas Worth Spreading." TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Videos of influential (& perhaps famous) people.

    featured linkBill Gates - thegatesnotes.com. When he reads a book (and he reads a lot) he posts his reflections. TED talk. Twitter. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We need to listen to him and help him.

    National Geographic Your-Shot.

    Scientific American - Oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S. (since 1845). Scientific American won the 2011 National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

    Values.com - Foundation for a Better Life - creates public service campaigns to communicate the values that make a difference in our communities – values such as honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others.

    The Virtues Project - "The vision of the Virtues Project is to serve humanity by supporting the moral and spiritual development of people of all cultures, by helping them to remember who they really are and to live by their highest values." Benjamin Franklin virtues.

    Servant Leadership - from Into thy Word.org.

    Work to Solve the Worlds Problems (espeically those involving people in need)

    Beautiful Rising - "teaming up with activists, movements & organizations across the global south to assemble a toolkit of creative activism that will showcase the innovative tactics & strategies of southern social movements."

    featured linkBill Gates - thegatesnotes.com. When he reads a book (and he reads a lot) he posts his reflections. TED talk. Twitter. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We need to listen to him and help him.

    FindHow.com - A search engine which uses the various How-To, blogs, and wiki sites on the Internet. "To empower people to achieve success at every task, in whatever role and stage of life they are in, by simplifying and speeding access to trusted, reliable How-To content on the Internet." They have a nice "Family, School, and Library-Friendly" policy. (This means you can't look up how to do something unethical. :-)

    Area Guides - City guides. Lots of nice data displayed graphically. I have not checked out their sources (probably would be a good idea to do so).

    Great Books Online - by Bartleby. Many things from Gray's Anatomy, to the Harvard Classics, to the US government's World Fact Book. Every searchable, of course.

    8/2022PDF2Go.com - Rotate, split, merge, create PDFs and more.  Online and free.

    Free PDF Tools & Resources - tools for converting file types. For example, converting PDF to word. (It could be a scanned document!)

    The Seasons of Life - PowerPoint on the seasons of life.

    Recycle With Integrity - website to provide a way to donate used technology (cell phones, notebooks, mp3 players, etc) for charity.

    1957 Time Capsule - (The first full year I was alive.) A great year. Nice web site which includes How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Leave it to Beaver, Old Yeller, Peyton Place, the IBM 704, Elvis, and many, many more things from 1957.

    Mr. One - Riddles - The number 1 is huge in mathematics! The page has riddles and jokes about the number 1 - some silly, some mathematical.

    PunGents.com - good site to find puns.

    Noise to Signal - Cartoons spoofing social media, Internet design, Apple, and the related.

    agoogleaday.com - Daily trivia game. (Of course, one uses Google to find the answer.)


    featured linkJane's E-Learning Pick of the Day - by Jane Hart. Many other nice things on her site too.

    Ukraine's Got Talent German Invasion Video - This video shows the winner of 2009’s " Ukraine ’s Got Talent," Kseniya Simonova, 24, drawing a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II. It is an amazing performance.

    Diane Ravitch's blog - Diane came out against the Common Core State Standards on 2/26/2013. Diane wrote The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education (2010). Her website.

    MakeUseOf.com - nice nice with lots of tips for making use of the Internet.

    Make a Map - Embeddable and customizable maps. Uses demographic data. From Mapping for Everyone, from ESRI.

    Flags, or Capitals, or Population of Every Country - interactive maps from chartsbin.

    Snapple Real-facts - interesting facts.  Many are numerical and/or scientific.

    PBS - Becoming one of the best multimedia sites on the web.

    One Week's Worth of Food Around Our Planet - from Fixing the planet.com.

    Sites of the Day Sites

    How To History - Video Tutorials in the Historic Arts. Learn to weave cloth, forge a knife, sew a corset, or build a Tudor mansion.

    Ideas and Findings - On ideas from Boston Globe and Kevin Lewis (columnist). A daily roundup of academic studies -- serious, sublime, surreal, and otherwise.

    Knot a Braid of Links - a "cool math site of the week" service to the mathematics community.

    Numberphile - Videos about numbers and stuff. For 2012 he had an Advent Calendar.

    highlighted linkStellarium - a free open-source planetarium for your computer. Really Cool!! Can be set up for anywhere in the world!

    Time-and-Date - world clocks, calendars, sun & moon data, and more.

    Personality Traits/TemperamentsWikipediaPersonality Type Equivalents (Lucy, Snoopy, C.Brown, Linus) ►Chart

    This is the end of publishing - not - YouTube video. Interesting. Have to watch it to the end. (2:26)

    Three sites I came across on being responsible and positive coaching.

    TheGrandKidsFoundation.org - New York Yankee, Curtis Granderson, is an excellent centerfielder and super person and helping kids learn - he's even written a kid's book.

    FrugalFun4Boys.com - great site/blog. Lots of great (and fun) ideas for LEGO, making things, and getting wet (water balloons and the like).

    District/Official Search - Find your government congressman, senator, or representative. Use 9-digit zipcode, address, or district.

    Site with Legal Advice - •findlaw.comlawinfo.comfreeadvice.comlawfiles.netlawguru.comthelaw.com

    alternativeto.net - "Helping you find the right software for your computer or mobile phone...Based on our users recommendations we list great alternatives to the applications you want to replace [or can't afford]."

    Cultural Literacy Tests - online quizzes. Very good. Good prep too for Scholastic Bowl. About 29 quizzes with 20-25 questions each. Click at the bottom to select a quiz.

    Groupon.com - "features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities."

    Fiverrr.com - online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as 'gigs' and micro-jobs beginning at a cost of $5.00U.S. per job performed.

    Fun Pages about Moms - Includes things such as Momisms (by category of mom from picky to nagging to confused), Mom Quotes, Mom Certificate, and more. From happyworker.com.

    Newspaper Front Pages from Around the World - from the Newseum.

    Great Books Online (at bartleby.com) - Site with actual books. Incudes The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, by E. D. Hirsch. Has a reference section (with encyclopedia, dictionary, and more).

    Project Gutenberg - online books and audio books.

    Free Classic Audio Books - (uh, Free Classic Audio Books)

    ThoughtAudio.com - audio books.

    LearnOutLoud.com - audio books.

    Sorting Algorithm Animations - Different ways that computer programmers can sort a list.

    Clock/Timeline - you have to check this out!

    Medical Information:

    Online Coupon Sites:

    35 Thought Provoking Education Quotes

    Poster - How To Build Community - from Syracuse Cultural Workers.

    The Size Of Our World - Shows relative sizes of planets and stars.

    5 PowerPoint Search Engines - To Seek Out Publicly Available Presentations

    Google as a (scientific) Calculator - not bad--and convenient. Does trig in radians, good for google. Part of Google Web Search Features. (which include currency conversion, phone book, weather, and more).

    (Google's) Dictionary of Numbers - Google Chrome extension that tries to make sense of numbers you encounter on the web by giving you a description of that number in human terms.For example, $1000 » Traditional cell phone cost per year.

    The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - (in their own words) has emerged as the leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century skills into education. The organization brings together the business community, education leaders, and policymakers.

    Copyright: The Four Factors of Fair Use

    How to perform the perfect golf swing - from videojug.com.

    Jayisgames.com - Lots of neat games such as HyperFrame.

    Jigsaw Puzzles - at jigzone.com. Tons of choices of piece shapes, number of pieces, and picture.

    Annual Credit Report - There are three credit reporting agencies. They are required to give a free credit report to you once per year (since there thre 3 companies, you can get 3 reports per year). It is recommended that you request a (one) report every 4 months. Through AnnualCreditReport.com you can request from any of the three reporting agencies. Thanks to Prime Time America for the link.

    FoldSchool - Cardboard furniture. I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting.

    Stems, roots, prefixes, & suffixes - Neat site. Also has two games: Rooty, and Meany. See also www.etymonline.com (Etymological Dictionary).

    Ideal Bite - "a sassier shade of green" - This is for people who would like to "do the right thing" for themselves and the planet if it were convenient, fun, inexpensive, and made one feel good. Resources and advice for real people leading busy lives. Green as in helping the environment.

    CuriousMath.com - Facts, Trivia, Fun Tricks, Rules, & Methods. You might begin with the Top Ten List.

    Falling Sand - and water, salt, and oil - experiment! quite bizarre and intriguing.

    Character Counts - The Six Pillars of Character and more. Color coded.

    May You Be Blessed Movie - inspirational movie by Kate Nawak.

    Playa Cofi Jukebox - Ultimate jukebox. The best of the top 100 from the golden years of popular music (1950-1984). By year or categoy of music. Includes Movie themes and TV themes.

    The Cliche Rotation Project - Fun. Their purpose is to replace old and worn out sayings with new ones of roughly equivalent meaning. For example, replace We'll cross that bridge when we come to it" with "We'll chop that tomato when the salsa runs out." Idea: read just the new one and try to guess the old cliche. Would make a quiz game, maybe trivial pursuit style.

    Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature - Find a good book to match your tastes. Searchable database.

    Understanding Our Earth and World with Maps and Photos

    Arial Photos - and topological maps of the entire US. From TerraServer-USA. You can zoom in far enough to even see your own house!

    Panoramic view of the world from the new space station - At night.

    Blue Marble - "a better look at our living planet." From NASA.

    Scale of the Universe - Interactive page for visualizing sizes from string theory (really tiny-tyny things) to beyond the known universe. (Click and drag the slider at the bottom of the screen.)

    The Size Of Our World - Shows relative sizes of planets and stars.

    Powers of Ten - View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude...closer and closer...all the way to the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.

    World Sunlight Map - showing current sunlight and cloud cover. See also the hemispherical projection.

    NationMaster.com - "[A] massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD. Using the form above, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease."

    Map24 - Plan your route in 3D.

    Conflict Map - In the course of the 20th century, mankind experienced some of the most devastating wars of all times. Where did these wars take place? Interactive map with sliders on the timeline.

    Wanderlust - GOOD maps out history's greatest journeys, from Magellan to Kerouac. Great if you like maps!

    World War II Military Situation Maps - from the Library of Congress American Memory site.

    Google Maps - Great maps. Zoom-in and -out (like Yahoo), but you can also drag the map, making it so you can walk/drag your way all through your trip.

    Animated Atlas - Animated Atlas portrays large chapters of history quickly by animating maps and geographic features. For school and home use.

    Washington, DC Flyby - If you're planning a visit to the nation's capital, check out this unique map of Washington. It offers details in the beautiful pixel-style of games such as SimCity. Part of dc.gov.

    Atlas of the Universe - The universe is a very big place, so having a map to help you get around makes a lot of good sense. And actually, this site offers nine major maps, each one larger in scope than the previous one, to provide an encompassing picture of the galactic subdivision in which we find ourselves.

    World Clock - lots of information from cancer to HIV to bicycles produced.

    Solar System Links:

    Online Conversions - Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions. Not just inches to centemeters and feet per second into furlongs per fortnight, but Kelvin, teaspoons, newtons, quadrillion, leap years, time zones of the world, Julian dates, BAC, ASCII Engine, and yes, even shoe size. Also has calculators for things such as BAC and wind chill. This site is well-organized and runs well.

    Convert-Me.com - Another conversion site. Includes fuel economy, where one can consider miles per gallon and gallons per 100 miles (reciprocal times 100).

    9/2019UnitConverter.net - For All Types of Online Calculator & Metric Conversions.

    10/2020Easyunitconverter.com - Another good site for conversions.

    Quest For the Rest - problem solving and divergent thinking.

    Litsum.com - Free Literature Summaries and Study Guides.

    All Kinds of Minds - A nonprofit institute for the study of differences in learning, founded by Dr. Mel Levine, a Professor of Pediatrics. Information and resources for teachers, families, and clinicians.

    Engines of Our Ingenuity - Celebrate the creativity of the human mind through this web site and public radio show. Each brief episode (with audio you can listen to) gives fascinating details about developments in science and technology that have shaped our culture. Huge archive - lots of episodes.

    The Toymaker - Marilyn Scott-Waters believes that folks should spend more time making things with their kids (I agree). To that end, she’s put together a glorious web site will all kinds of toys and playthings one can make from paper. For example, try the Easterbox.

    The Long Now Foundation - The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today's "faster/cheaper" mind set and promote "slower/better" thinking. The Long Now is defined as the last and next 10,000 years.

    Paul Sloane's Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Top 10) - We (our family) own many of the Paul Sloane lateral thinking books. My 11th grade english teacher, Mr Dziadosz, introduced me/our class to the concept. Our family loves to do these on trips--and we usually rate them. It's great fun!

    See also: Lateral Thinking Puzzles or "Situation Puzzles" - In the game of situation puzzles, a mysterious situation is presented to a group of players, who must then try to find out what's going on by asking further questions. The person who initially presented the situation can only answer "yes" or "no" to questions (or occasionally "irrelevant").

    New Math Song - posted by the National Curve Bank, a song by Tom Lehrer.

    Great Books Online - Bartleby.com was named “Best Literary Resource” for 2002. Robert Frost to Quotations to the Bible - lots here. Encyclopedia, thesaurus, and more.

    Norman Rockwell Links:

    The Secret Lives of Numbers: Visualization - Data shown in this interactive system represents the "popularity" of every integer between 0 and 100,000! Explore how the usage patterns of numbers reflect our culture, history, and biology. More information found here and here.

    RefDesk.com - Complete and comprehensive Reference Desk.

    Web Graph - This site/program shows the 'webbiness' of the World Wide Web. It demonstrates visually how all the different sites that pop up under 'related sites' in the Google search engine are, well, related. Suggestion: enter the Starting URL: nsf.gov then click Graph It!

    Story Place - Kids can make up characters for their own stories.  Activities too.  "The Children's Digital Library."

    Off-the-mark Cartoons - huge archive. Fun! Cartoons by subject.15 pages of School Cartoons.

    Cloth Simulator - physics.

    TeachingBooks.net - Offering parents and teachers a guiding hand through the land of young people's literature. Contains video interviews with the authors.

    Teaching Interrupted: Do Discipline Policies in Today's Public Schools Foster the Common Good? - by Common Good: Reforming America's Lawsuit Culture. Includes a discussion of discipline.

    Frontline: Inside the Teenage Brain - From PBS. Useful for parents and teachers. Not just theory.

    Moviepooper.com - 1546 spoilers in this database. Find out how movies end--and they list several reasons why one would want to "ruin the ending." For the beginning (plot) of the movie you might try the the Internet Movie Database.

    Find-A-Human -- Automated Phone System Shortcuts. Get past the computer answering system and to a human.

    "What is (are) the important underlying mathematical concepts(s) in this problem?" Kim Hartweg

    "An educated mind is useless without a focused will, and dangerous without a loving heart." Winfried J. Deijmann

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