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Information on Mathematics Careers

Mathematical Sciences Career Information - Have you ever wondered what a mathematician working in industry or the government does all day?  This website (database) tells about acutal mathematicians and their work. See also the The Early Career Profile Network, which has job profiles of recent bachelors-level students.

Mathematics with a Human Face - Clickable "quilt" of profiles of real people using math in their profession.

The Maths Careers website - from the UK (hence the 's' on Maths). Part of nrich and plus magazine.

More Career Profiles of people with math degrees - answers to the question: "Why should I study math?"

Learnist Board

What a Math Major Can Do - Check out this Learnist board. Learnist by Jim Olsen

Information on Various Careers and the Pay

Exploring Occupations - Explore vocational options and decide on a career path using this site. Find details about a variety of jobs (many careers, not just math).

U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook - Great source of information about job requirements and financial outlooks for specific careers (all careers, not just math).

Occupational Compensation Survey - annual data on employment and wages for about 750 occupations and 400 nonfarm industries for the nation.

WIU Career Services

WIU Office of Career Services - WIU Math Majors make sure you register!

Information on Becoming a Math Major at Western Illinois University

Math Department Information on Becoming a Math Major at W.I.U.

Information on Math Scholarships at Western Illinois University

Mathematics Scholarships - Scholarship information for teaching and non-teaching options.

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