Common Core Math Standards: Information, Links, and Resources

Standards, Clusters, Domains, and Streams

by Jim Olsen

The Common Core State Standards were released Jun 2, 2010. The Common Core initiative was sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and to establish consistent educational standards across the states and create standards that would ensure that students graduating from high school are 'college and career ready.' That is, prepared to enter credit-bearing courses at two- or four-year college programs or to enter the workforce.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative

Links to Documents & Information

  1. Common Core State Standards Initiative website.
  2. Appendix A: Designing High School Mathematics Courses Based on the Common Core State Standards - includes suggested units.
  3. Publishers' Criteria for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics K-8 / High School
  4. Resources
  5. Meet the New Math, Unlike the Old Math - good overview of the philosophy and purposes of CCSSM. (By Kevin Hartnett at Quanta Magazine.)

ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education)

Documents & Information

Actual CCSS are here. Two versions of the same thing (math).

  1. ⏩⏩Common Core State Standards for Mathematics⏪⏪ Original from the CCSS Initiative.
  2. Common Core State Standards for Mathematics From ISBE - "with the pink bars."

Actual CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects are here (see pages 59-64).

  1. Foundational Services Website - very comprehensive site used to provide links for foundational services professional development for teachers in Illinois. My Foundational Services page.
  2. Model Math Curriculum OneDrive.
  3. ISBE Learning (Common Core) Standards site

Model Math Curriculum

Mathematics Curriculum Models - Development started in 2012-2013. The Model Math Curriculum was developed for Illinois (based on the CCSSM and the PARCC Model Content Frameworks) for grades K - 8 and HS. The high school courses are Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 (which are integrated courses). Included is a scope and sequence for each grade, assessments, lessons, and more. Check out the Livebinder or the complete resources at the OneDrive.


Documents & Information

  1. Standards Codes & Mathematical Practices Card - This is a handy, half-page reference card which you can print on card stock. Can print standards codes (for those times you forget what 2.MD.7 or G-GPE-2 mean) on one side and the Mathematical Practices on the back. I created these, so report any errors to me. PDF's: Codes&Practices-Print-Back2Back, Codes&Practices-to-Fold, Codes-only, Practices-only. Color version: front; back.
  2. Another Quick Reference (domain abbreviations, etc.)
  3. Lining Up: The Relationship between the Common Core State Standards and Five Sets of Comparison Standards
  4. Mathematical Practices Posters - provide by Carroll County Public Schools in Maryland. Included: 'I Can' statements; posters for various grade levels, and more.
  5. Fulfilling the Promise of the Common Core State Standards: Moving from Adoption to Implementation to Sustainability - report by ASCD


  1. Hunt Institute YouTube Channel - on the Common Core. 32 short videos.
  2. Progressions -
  3. Tools for the Common Core Standards - (Bill McCallum, Ashli Black, Kristin Umland, Ellen Whitesides)
    1. CCSSM Clickable Map V2.0 - Shows the (7) Streams (PowerPoint show) which are the 6 HS conceptual categories plus Counting and Cardinality.
    2. Scope and Sequences for high school courses.
    3. Common Core Atlas - starts with a list of the 11 Domains (CC, OA, NBT, ...) in K-8. (There are 6 Domains in HS.)  Here are others from different sites: Chart of Domains and Conceptual Categories in the CCSSM; Wiring diagram.
    4. Structure of the Mathematical Process Standards.
    5. (See also Progressions (Arizona) above.)
  4. Hexagon Map of the CCSS for Mathematics - by Jere Confrey.  Shows the learning trajectories for K-8 Math. 3 views.
  5. Common Core State Standards Video Series - Support videos for the CCSSM. These explain carefully how to think about, for example, (a/b)q. Nice complement to the progressions. From SECC of SEDL (SW Educ'l Devel. Lab'ry).
  6. NCSM ( - Resources including CCSS Curriculum Analysis Tool.
  7. The Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP) developed by the Shell Center/MARS, and others.
    1. Task Collection
  8. CaCCSS-M Resources -  Four groups from California, including the D.Ed., have joined to put together these resources.  Topics (from six task forces) range from number sense to fractions to transformational geometry to HS mathematical modeling.
  9. Ohio Model Curriculum
  10. Mathematics Common Core Toolbox - Has resources for Implementation, including sample scope and sequences. by The Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin and Agile Mind, Inc.
    1. Click Resources for Implementation, then click Sample scope and sequence documents or curriculum framework.
  11. NCTM Common Core Page
  12. Key Math Concepts Search Tool from Pearson - Select the (K-8) 'key mathematical concept' from the drop-down menu (and hit Go). Standards related to that concept are listed. This link can be coupled with the next resource.
  13. - I highly recommend the Coherence Map. It included sample assessments. Other things at the site: Materials Alignment Toolkit, Widely Applicable as Prerequisites, CCSS Instructional Practice Guides, Key Instruction Shifts of the CCSSM - assembled by Student Achievement Partners. ( is below.)
  14. Illustrative Mathematics Tasks - - free tasks keyed to the standards.
  15. Illustrative Mathematics Project - - full curriculum
  16. InsideMathematics tasks - Good source to find tasks and lessons. Note: The POM's ('Problems of the Month') have different levels (of difficulty), so many are useful for differentiated instruction. Site also has classroom examples and videos.
  17. from EngageNY - This is a complete P-12 curriculum (HS is traditional). Very comprehensive.
  18. Dan Meyer - Three-Act Math Tasks, Blog, TED.
  19. Math Common Core Coalition - made up of 8 professional societies. Working to provide expertise and advice on effective implementation the CCSSM.
  20. - involved with the college- and career-ready agenda, EQuIP Rubric, Math Works brochures or fact sheets, Future Ready Project, managing development of the Next Generation Science Standards, research, data, and PARCC.
  21. Mathematics for the CCSS by Internet4Classrooms.
  22. iPod, iPhone, iPad Apps - (1) Common Core from MasteryConnect, (2) Common Core Look-fors.
  23. Money as You Learn - Tools for educators to integrate personal finance into teaching the Common Core.
  24. Appendix A: Designing HS Math Courses Based on the CCSS (above)
  25. New York Common Core Tasks - Tasks, entire Units & Student Work
  26. Livebinder by Danielle Seabold - Megasite with videos, tasks, apps, and more.
  27. Common Core Problem Based Curriculum Maps - Problems and tasks for grades 6-8, HS Integrated 1, 2, 3, and HS Traditional. By Geoff Krall.
  28. Robert Kaplinsky's Problem-Based Lessons - tasks, mainly for Junior High.
  29. Geometry Common Core - High School curriculum by Mike Patterson.
  30. Illinois CCSS Sample Math Tasks - K - HS tasks.
  31. Grade 1-6 Games and Activities from - I highly recommend Thinking Blocks Ratios (there are various levels). Instructional (demonstration) videos are included. also has more thinking block apps.

Apps and Widgets

  1. iPod, iPhone, iPad Apps
    1. Common Core from MasteryConnect,
    2. Common Core Look-fors.
  2. Cool Widget from MasteryConnect - Pull from the side (as on this page) or embed on the webpage (free).

Indirectly Related

  1. Math Education Research and a Plethora of Committee and Government Reports - a page I made on research and reports.
  2. Number Line Generator - great tool for making custom number lines (for use on worksheets, SmartBoard, web, assessments, etc.).
  3. Parent Guides - Communicating with parents. From the PTA.

District/State Specific

  1. Georgia curriculum materials - Very nicely organized and complete. K-5; 6-8; 9-12.
  2. engageNY - (New York) Various resources.  New York State Common Core Sample Questions.
  3. Math Resources at Common Core Conversations - Wow! This site is great. Everything from the Illustrative Math site to Patrick JMT to Project Interactivate, and more. 
  4. Colorado Department of Education Mathematics Sample Curriculum
  5. Delaware's (which is a Smarted Balanced state) CCSSM Assessment Samplers
  6. Provo City School District Mathematics Curriculum - from Utah.
  7. CCSS Parent Handbook (K-8) - from California Count Superintendents Educational Services Association. Includes, brief 2-page overview for each grade.
  8. Ohio Released items - has good questions from previous state tests (but they are pre-common-core).

Archived information:

PARCC and SMARTER Balanced - Assessment Consortia

Documents, Information, and Links

  1. PARCC website - (Illinois is part of the PARCC consortium)
    1. Practice Tests
    2. PARCC Released Items (PBA=Performance Based Assessment; EOY=End Of Year)
    3. Math Test Specifications Documents
    4. PARCC Model Content Frameworks for Mathematics
    5. Calculator Policy
    6. PARCC Mathematics State Educator Item Review - presentation by Carrie Piper, Senior Advisor, PARCC Mathematics. Explains how to read the "evidence tables." Helps with acronyms and terms such as PBA, EOY, and Sub-claim B.
    7. Prototyping project at Dana Center.
  2. Smarter Balanced website - the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) consortium.
    1. Sample Items and Performance Tasks.
    2. Practice and Training Tests.


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