Great Number Line Generator

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) are calling for the increased use of number lines.

The following is an excellent number line generator:
(BTW, this is a new link -- update your bookmarks ;-)

It generates a number line to your specifications and then you can download it (to your hard drive). Then the number line can be inserted into worksheets, SmartBoard notebooks, webpages, tests, etc.

>> iPad note below <<

A few hints on the available settings

Number Line Generator Settings


iPad Note

This tool can be used on the iPad as follows.

  1. Use the form to get the number line the way you want it.
  2. Do a screen capture by holding the power button and then the Home button. This puts the screen shot in the camera roll. (I couldn't seem to get the download buttons to work.)
  3. Go to the camera roll and crop it (edit).
  4. Then use the Share iPad button (share) button to Copy.
  5. Then go to Pages (or Noteabililty, or other app) to prepare your worksheet/ quiz/etc. and Paste the graphic.

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