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Here are some websites I've found related to Pascal's Triangle

TedEd Video - The mathematical secrets of Pascal's triangle. Questions & Other page links.

Math Forum's Page on Pascal's Triangle - Lesson ideas and lots of good stuff. Has triangle charts to download and print.

MAA's Patterns in Pascal's Triangle - with a Twist page - numerous links at the bottom.

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences - This is amazing! You type in any sequence of numbers (e.g., 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28) and it finds out what sequence it is (triangular numbers) and tells you about the sequence! Includes links and references. Brought to you OEIS (formerly by A.T.& T).

Pascal's Triangle And Its Patterns - facts, facts, and more facts.

Pascal's Triangle Interface - generates triangles and can color mode n.

Pinball and Pascal's Triangle - by Eric Hiob.

Tower of Hanoi Applets - from Mathsisfun.

My Tower of Hanoi video

Sierpinski Gasket - Written by Paul Bourke

Sierpinski Gasket Applet - from Shodor

Triangular Number Sequence - At Math Is Fun

Fascinating Triangular Numbers - facts, facts, and more facts about triangular numbers.

Triangular Number Problems from University of Georgia

Fun with Triangular Numbers

Polygonal Number - From Eric Wiesstein's World of Mathematics -- an excellent source.
Triangular Number - same as above.
Tetrahedral Number - same as above.

Tetrahedral and 4-Tetrahedral Numbers - on tetrahedral numbers.

Tetrahedral Kite - by NCTM.

Palindromic Tetrahedrals - Scroll to the bottom and click Palindromic Tetrahedrals. Tetrahedral numbers that are also palindromes! One person's obsession.

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