iPad For Novices

Of course you are going to pick-it-up-and-use it! Yes, do so - it's cool!

I made this page to point out:

The Basics

I'm going to be brief. Experiment and ask an experienced user, as needed.

  1. The "Done" button is like "OK" (or cancel ;-).
  2. Use our finger (to click or click and drag). If you want to right-click, often you can click-and-hold.
  3. Files are "stored in the app" (which sounds like heresy, but that's the system). If you want Pages (iPad version of Word) files, open Pages and click Documents. If you want photos, go to photos. There is no "File manager" that I know of.
  4. At the home screen, if you click and hold something (an app) everything will wiggle. You can delete apps if you want. See the next item for more things you can do when things wiggle!
  5. When you are in, for example, Pages and click Documents and click Edit (you might think it means to edit of file, but no) the documents will start to wiggle! (BTW, if you do want to edit a file, just click it). When things are wiggling, it usually means you can:
  6. Attaching/sharing files: (Do not start in email.) This really works well, once you get used to it. Start in the app. When you get to something you want to share, click the Rectangle with arrow button (rectangle with an arrow coming out). "Sharing" is a broad term. It could mean to print, email, tweet, etc. This button is common to many apps.
  7. You can copy and paste. With a little practice, this isn't bad. Try double-clicking text or click-and-drag across text. To paste, click (or double-click).
  8. To delete a file swipe it and confirm by clicking the red delete button. (Swiping is what it sounds like, drag your finger across/through the filename.)
  9. You can always press the Home (round) button and get back to the home screen.
  10. Be aware that, this is a multi-touch screen and dragging with two fingers (or even 3) may give you additional functionality in some programs. Same for clicking, which is a good place for me to stop. Enjoy the iPad!

I highly recommend getting a stylus.

See also my other page (which links to various helps, including the full iPad User Guide) and my A Few More iPad Tips page.

Have Fun!! 

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James R. Olsen, Western Illinois University
updated February 18, 2014