A Few More iPad Tips

I have a iPad for Novices Page.  This page has a few, slightly more advanced, tips.

iPad Tips

  1. To take a screen shot, hold the Power button and click the Home button. It will flash/pause for a second.  The screen shot should be in your Photos.
  2. The 4-finger swipe to the right it takes to to previous apps you've been running. If you 4-finger swipe up, it is equivalent to double-clicking the Home button (see next item).
  3. Double-click the Home button.
    1. This brings up a list of all the apps you've been running.
    2. If you click one and hold, they start to wiggle and they can be deleted.  This is a good way to clean things up.  The iPad might run more efficiently.
  4. Using the camera, ou can take a photo by hitting the up volume button.  This keeps the iPad more stable - do say "smile" first.
  5. There are some photo basic editing (including crop) tools under the Photos app. Click the photo to bring it up then click Edit (click the open space of the screen if you don't see Edit).  Crop is at the bottom.
  6. Under Settings
    1. Restrictions - this is where you can turn off certain apps (for example, if you are a teacher and you don't want students on YouTube, taking pictures, etc.)
    2. Notifications - you might want to turn some of these off.  These are push notifications from various sources
    3. iCloud - can be used to backup files, backup the entire iPad, and Find My iPad (if you misplace it ;-).

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James R. Olsen, Western Illinois University
updated February 18, 2014