Miscellaneous Notes on Licensure (formerly 'Certification')

With things changing continually here in Illinois this is a place I'm writing notes down that I can refer back to later. This information is correct to my knowledge. However, the reader should not use this page as his/her sole source of information. I recommend that this information be verified using other sources. If anything changes, or you find errors on this page, please e-mail me.

Note: Middle Level Teaching requirements will be changing soon. After  February 1, 2018 candidates seeking a middle grades (grades 5-8) endorsement in mathematics will need to meet the new standards. In fact, candidates will need to complete a 32 semester hour major in middle grades education offered by an Illinois program approved for the preparation of teachers in the middle grades (as per section 25.99 of Part 25).

Current Requirement for Middle Grades

Which Courses Count in Which Area for the Middle School Math Endorsement?

To get a Middle School Math Endorsement one needs 18 SH, which include 3 SH of a teaching methods course with middle school math and 15 SH of math content from four of the following seven (i-vii) areas).

For El Ed majors seeking middle school endorsement:

Area WIU Course
i.) Math content for Elem teachers 106
ii) Calculus 207 or any calculus course
iii) Modern Alg. or Number Theory 407
iv) Geometry 206 and 402
v) Computer Science 408
vi) Probability and Stats 409
vii) History of math *
*Math 459 works, but it is primarily taken by math majors due to its significant prerequisites.

Middle School Math Content Test?

At the present time to be endorsed for middle school math, an el ed major need not take a math content test (other than the el ed content test that already exists, covering all subject areas).

Secondary Teachers Seeking a Second Endorsement

Certified teachers seeking an endorsement in mathematics must obtain (as per the Endorsement Requirements for Subjects document linked below):

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