Analytic Scoring Scale

For scoring student work on problem-solving problems

by James Olsen

Understanding the Problem 0 no attempt
1 attempt but little understanding
2 some understanding, some errors in understanding (1)
3 strong understanding
Planning & Solving 0 no attempt
2 inappropriate plan and not carried out
4 good plan, not carried out OR inappropriate plan and student carried out the plan
5 good plan, carried out, copying or calculation error (wrong answer)
6 good plan, carried out, correct answer
Extensions/checking/generalizations 0 no attempt (answer only)
1 Did a (one) look back and extend activity.
2 Did two or more look back and extend activities.


Look Back and Extend activities that may earn a point in the Analytic Scoring Scale:

1. Is the answer reasonable? (Show why it is reasonable.)
2. Check the answer.
3. Solve it another way.
4. Is there another answer? (or show why there is only one answer)
5. Explain why the answer works.
6. Make generalizations.
7. What extensions can be made? Write and/or solve extensions
8. What related problems could be solved? What problems is this related to?

Reporting Form

Understanding the Problem    
Planning & Solving    


Converting Analytic Scoring Scale Scores to Letter Grades - It is not recommended that that the teacher take the points earned divide by 11 and convert to a percent, and then to a letter grade.  Click here for recommendations.

1. Note: the wording of this scale is for the purpose of clarity to the grader, and NOT the words to be given to the student. If the grader wishes to supply comments to the student, this should be done on an individual basis. A reporting form is provided.

©James Olsen, Western Illinois University