Geodesics Domes and Spheres Page

This page has links to information about geodesic domes, geodesic spheres, and related information. Note: I'm just learning about geodesics, so any information you can share is welcomed!

Information on Geodesics



Buildings and Structures (which are geodesic domes)

Buckminster Fuller Info

Built With Newspapers and Masking Tape

Dr. Olsen sitting in a Newspaper Geodesic Dome

Alwood Science Club

These teachers made this Geodesic Dome out of newspapers and masking tape.

How to Build a Geodesic Dome Out of Newspaper Rolls

Use lengths of 71 cm and 63 cm for your newspaper rolls. Roll them real tight. Instructions. Two videos:

More For Teachers - Lesson Plans and Activities

More Advanced Information on Geodesics


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