Navigating the Landscape of Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Problems

This website is posted to supply documents, handouts, support materials, and drafts of problems related to our conference presentations and curriculum development projects regarding fractions, decimals, and percents. ("PFD" = Percent-Fraction-Decimal.)

Conference Presentations


216 Landscape Problems - "grids of problems"

Files are listed by objective. Each contains "grids (tables) of problems." The problems appear in the cells of the tables. They may be copied and pasted into worksheets, quizzes, and tests.

©Jim Olsen, Hayley Moore, and Joseph Illichman, Western Illinois University.  These problems may be used for classroom use. As of 10/19/2011, although reviewed, these problems may contain small typographical errors.  Please report errors to  Thank you.

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