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Quizlet (quizlet.com) is the great tool for making study materials such as flash cards. Click here for the Quizlet.com Demo video (0:58) to see some of the cool features.

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Introduction to Quizlet Video
Second Video on Quizlet (sharing)
Rules of Thumb

Introduction to Quizlet Video

Second Video on Quizlet (how to share)

Example embedded flashcards on this page

Example link to a flashcard set. (The link takes you to quizlet.com.)

My Rules of Thumb

     When writing Quizlet promps ('terms') and answers. I usually do the following (for consistency).

  1. In the answer, things in parentheses can be ignored in the Learn and Test modes - by checking the box for Ignore Stuff in parentheses.
    1. When including units (such as feet) in the answer, I recommend putting the units in parentheses. This way the user is not penalized for misspelling feet. Of course the units are very important and should be part of the review.
    2. Sometimes it is useful to put explanatory notes in the parentheses.  These are useful in the studying process, but not required to get the answer correct in the Learn and Test modes.
  2. When money is involved:
    1. Do include units.  For example, $4.50. (This is an exception to 1a above.)
    2. Round answers to dollars and cents.  For example, $4.50. Exception: if the problem amounts are given as whole numbers of dollars and the answer is a whole number of dollars, then state the answer as a whole number of dollars. For example, $4 could be an answer.
  3. Generally, only the number answer is required in the Learn and Test modes. Units should be in parentheses (as per 1a above).
    1. First exception is 2a above for money.
    2. Second exception is equations.  If asked to solve and equation (for example, x + 3 = 19) the answer should be of the form x = 16.  (To make the computer happy, put the variable on the left hand side.)

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