Illinois Secondary Mathematics Content Exam Preparation

Information page 208 ~ ISBE Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) page. Illinois Licensure T.S.

You should look at the Test Study Guide and the Test Framework.

Suggestions from students who have taken the Math Content test(of course, don't limit your studying to this list, but make sure to study these things):

This mathematics content exam must be passed before you can student teach.

I (Dr. Olsen) have a couple of printed books with study materials and practice tests. Ask me for the study materials.

Additional suggestions for test preparation: provides some practice for the 208 Test. (I have limited experience with the site, so I can't say if it is comprehensive or not.) - offers practice tests (for a fee) and have been successfully used by math majors preparing for the 208 test.

Mometrix sells test preparation materials.

Other States who give a similar test, from the same test provider (Pearson).

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