TI Graphics Calculator Tips

These are pages I've created to help teachers and students use the Texas Instruments Calculators.

TI Connect and TI Graph Link Cable and Software - Get connected - Calculator, Computer, Internet (videos Look for this icon for videos. included). TI Connect Basics (abbreviated form).

Basic Statistics and Graphics - Mean, median, boxplots, histograms, etc.

Quick Cabri Jr. Tips - Cabri Jr. is dynamic geometry software for the TI-83+ !! I provide a few quick tips for getting started.

Graphics Calculator Basics and Features to Learn - This is just a list of features teachers and prospective teachers should be familiar with.

Steps for using the TI-83+ for finding regression models for data - a handout I use in Math 100 every week.
Steps for using the TI-73+ for finding regression models for data - The TI-73 is similar to the TI-83, but more for middle school/Jr. High.


Transformations In the Plane - A program for the TI-83 for visualizing transformational geometry and linear algebra concepts. Download: TRANSFM.8XP. Instructions: TRANSFM.notes.rtf.

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