Finding Total Amounts from Rates


1. The graph shows the speeds during a family vacation. The first part of the trip (3 hours) the speed was 55 mph on the highway. The second part of the trip was on the interstate. The third part of the trip (45 mph) was in the city.

a. Find the total distance traveled.


b. Find the average speed for the trip.



2. To induce labor, and therefore childbirth, the drug Pitocin is often administered. It is first administered in low dosages and then the dosage is gradually increased. The graph at the right shows the rate at which the Pitocin is administered (through an IV). Pitocin was administered for 3 hours.

a. Find the total amount of Pitocin administered.


b. Find is the average rate at which the Pitocin was administered.


3. This graph shows the rate at which emissions are put into the air from the smokestack at a factory. The smoke-producing engines are turned on at 6 a.m. The engines are turned off at 5 p.m. and emissions cease at 7 p.m.

a. What is the total amount of pollution emitted during the one day shown?


b. If this factory is open five days per week (with the exception of being closed for three days for holidays), and the graph shows the typical pollution emissions for one day, how much pollution is emitted into the air in a single year?



J.R.Olsen ~ W.I.U.