Brian M. Davies, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physics at Western Illinois University

Physics 101 (Fall 2016) - Introduction to Astronomy   Syllabus   Class Notes   Sky and weather links   Writing assignment and movies

The textbook for Fall 2016 will be "Discovering the Essential Universe” by Neil F. Comins, 6th edition, 2015. This is the same book we used in the spring. This should be available at the Union Bookstore and at Chapman's Bookstore, or online. I will not use any supplements to the book, so a used copy without supplements may be the least expensive option. I will also put up notes and links to the material in the first few chapters, so you may wait a week or so before deciding to buy this. Older editions of this are on reserve in the Physical Science Library (across the hall from the classroom).

Physics 124 (Fall 2016) - General Physics I   Syllabus   Homework assignments  

The Physics Tutoring Center is located in Currens 515 (southeast corner on the top floor). In the spring it was open from noon until 7 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so the hours in the fall should be similar. The tutors are upper-level physics majors and graduate students who can help you with your homework and with general physics questions.

Physics 427 (Fall 2016) - Advanced Electronics   Syllabus

The textbook for this course will be Practical Electronics for Inventors, 4th Edition, by Paul Scherz and Simon Monk. This is about $26 new on Amazon, and will also be available in the Union Bookstore (price unknown).

Courses taught previously at WIU (last time taught at WIU) [number of times taught at WIU]:
Physics 101 (Spring 2016) [15]  -  Introduction to Astronomy  
Syllabus   Class Notes   Sky and weather links   Writing assignment and movies 
Physics 124 (Fall 2015)     [13]  -  General Physics I   Syllabus   Homework assignments   Wave simulations and other resources
Physics 125 (Spring 2016) [13]  -  General Physics II   Syllabus   Homework assignments   Additional Resources   Nuclear lectures (PowerPoint)
Physics 312 (Spring 2010)  [3]  -  Engineering Mechanics   Syllabus   Homework assignments
Physics 327 (Spring 2006)  [1]  -  Electronics   Syllabus   Homework assignments   Books on reserve   Errata for the textbook 
Physics 354 (Spring 2010)  [3]  -  Thermodynamics   Syllabus   Homework Assignments
Physics 427 (Fall 2014)       [6]  -  Advanced Electronics   Syllabus   Homework assignments   Books on reserve   Errata for Diefenderfer's book (no longer used in this course, but may be available on reserve) 
Physics 428 (Fall 2005)       [2]  -  Applied Optics  Syllabus   Homework Assignments   Animations and simulations   Errata for Hecht's 4th edition 
Physics 470 (Fall 2011)       [4]  -  Modern Experimental Physics   Syllabus   Books on reserve
Physics 482 (Spring 2016)  [3]  -  Science in Context (for science education majors) - uses Western Online
                                                      cross-listed as Bio/Chem/Phys 482   Syllabus (without schedule)   Schedule
Physics 577 (Spring 2006)  [1]  -  independent study - Advanced Optics - homework and activities

ISAAPT - the Illinois section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) - I served as the IL section Newsletter editor for a few years, and previously served as a member of the IL section Executive Council (our leadership group in Illinois) for six years. I organized the Spring 2007 meeting and the Spring 2013 meeting of the Illinois section, which were held here at the WIU Physics Dept. In the summer of 2007 I was invited to the American Center for Physics to participate in an AAPT Governance Retreat. In 2009 I received the Distinguished Service Citation from the ISAAPT (photo here).  My service as the President of the Illinois section for 2011-2012 is documented on the web site (officers of ISAAPT in 2012 with photos).

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Miscellaneous stuff:

Talking points about the advanced lab.

Links to online resources and some physics journals of interest to physics students.

I currently serve as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Macomb Food Co-op (which now has an online market at and has a store at 211 S. McArthur here in Macomb).

For the panel discussion (April 22, 2010) of the film Carbon Nation, I mentioned the material summarized in this file:
Clarifying the Coal Question, which was a presentation given to the Sustainability Brown Bag seminar series, on Feb. 17, 2009 (summary form only)