Physics 428 - Applied Optics

   Here is a list of errata for the 4th edition of Optics, by Hecht. 

on p. 48, Ch. 3, the line just before eq. 3.37 the quantity u (c Dt A) is the energy in the cylindrical volume, not the cylindrical volume itself, which is (c Dt A).  The wording of this might be a bit confusing. 

on p. 82, in Prob. 3.5, some early printings of this edition have a subtle error in the specification of Eo and k vectors, giving values that conflict with the requirement that these two vectors be perpendicular. 

on p. 82, Prob. 3.7, the last line should probably be "at y = 0" and not "at x = 0"

on p. 323, Prob. 7.33, the problem should refer you to "Fig. 7.30" not "Fig. 7.20"

on p. 449, beginning of section 10.1.3, first sentence should refer to Fig. 10.4. 

on p. 651, Appendix 1, the telegraphy eq. in A1.20 should have a minus sign where the first = sign is.