Physics 427 - Advanced Electronics

   Here is a list of errata for the 3rd edition of Principles of Electronic Instrumentation, by Diefenderfer and Holton. 

Note:  Some of these may be corrected in your printing.  There are additional errors in the first printing (1994), which are listed in an erratum in the Instructor's Solutions Manual. 

inside the front cover, the abbreviation for kilo should be k (lower case), not K (upper case)

on p. 27, the formula for capacitors in series in equation 2-7 is wrong, the left-hand side should be 1/Cs 

on p. 27, in Fig. 2.4, the capacitor C3 has reversed polarity, which is not correct (this is actually important with electrolytics)

on p. 28, it is worth mentioning that equation 2-9 refers to the voltage drop, in a way analogous to the voltage drop IR across a resistor. 

on p. 29, eq. 2-12 should have the last term equal to q/C not Q/C since it is time-dependent

on p. 30, the line just before Example 2.2 should have vR and vC in lower case, not upper case since they are time-dependent

on pp. 41-42, problem 9 is ill-posed, since the low input impedance of the subsequent stage will prevent C from charging to the specified voltage.

on p. 46, in eq. 3-6, the current amplitude should be upper case:  Ip  not ip 

on p. 46, in eq. 3-8, the upper limit on the integral should be T = 2p/w and the prefactor should be 1/T =  w/2

on p. 48, for eq. 3-14, the definition of XC is sometimes taken to be positive, and then the sign is accounted for in a definition of the complex Z. 
        For a consistent and careful discussion of these definitions, I recommend the text University Physics, by Ronald Reese (see Ch. 22). 

on p. 52, eq. 3-35 should read  i  =  (Vin/Z) / (-tan-1(XC/R))   (the underline, of course, should be continuous, but I want to avoid using a gif figure here) 

on p. 52, eq. 3-37 should read VC  =  (Vin/Z) / (-tan-1(XC/R)) x XC /-90o  (the error was the same as in eq. 3-35) 

on p. 52 and 53, note that the value of XC should be positive in equations 3-40 and 3-41, or should be replaced by |XC| to give positive magnitudes. 

on p. 65, in the fourth eq., the term 4900 kW should be 4900 W

on p. 66, the power in the load should be PL  = ... =  3.1 mW and the power in the source should be written  Ps  =  (5.6 mA)2 (4900 W)  =  154 mW

on p. 177, in Fig. 8.37, the second occurrence of vi should be vs (i.e., the input to the amp is vs

on p. 178, the last term in equation 8-45 should be AvbD' (i.e., the v is a subscript)

on p. 178, in the bottom box of Fig. 8.38, the feedback is b(vo' + D') and in the sentence above equation 8-45, the expression should have these primes

on p. 194, in the fifth line below eq. 9-31, R2 should be Rf

on p. 204, in the caption for Fig. 9.29, it should read "open loop gain of 105"

on p. 227, the right-hand side of equation 10-17 should be  =  R2/(R1 + 2R2)

on p. 253, in Table 11.12, the column headings "hexadecimal number" and "binary" should be interchanged

on p. 276, in Fig. 12.21, erase the first two lines of the table, and change the caption to read ...divide by 16 ...  (not ... divide by 6 ...)

on p. 370, at the end of line 16, the term is "heterodyne"

on p. B-4, the line prior to eq. B-17 should read "since V+ = 0"  and eq. B-18 should be  V-  =  - Vout/A  (this is unimportant for the subsequent eq. B-19, although it will be important for a full description)