Office of the Registrar

Reverse Transfer

Pursuant to the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act [110 ILCS 150], Reverse Transfer is a program designed for students who transferred from an Illinois public community college to WIU, but without earning their associate’s degree prior to transfer. Transfer students with at least 15 transferable credit hours from a public community college in Illinois are eligible for reverse transfer consideration upon achieving junior standing (60 hours earned). Through reverse transfer, eligible students may transfer WIU courses back to the community college in order to determine if an associate’s degree may be awarded, while pursuing their baccalaureate degree. There is no cost to students to mail their WIU transcripts to their former community college, if the transcripts are mailed first-class through the United States Postal Service using our Standard Mailed Transcripts option (i.e. non-expedited).

WIU has worked with several community college partners to create simple forms for eligible students to opt-in to the reverse transfer program. Students may either:

  1. Send the appropriate, completed Reverse Transfer Agreement below along with their official WIU transcript (in a sealed envelope) directly to their former community college, or
  2. Include the appropriate, completed Reverse Transfer Agreement with a completed WIU Transcript Request Form, both of which may be scanned and emailed to, faxed to 309-298-2787 or delivered to the Office of the Registrar, Sherman Hall 110. We will then transmit the Reverse Transfer Agreement form along with the student’s WIU transcript to the appropriate, former community college listed below:

Students who transferred from an Illinois community college not listed above may still be eligible for reverse transfer, but they will need to contact their former community college directly regarding what is required to evaluate their coursework completed at WIU. Students may request a WIU transcript be sent to their former community college by selecting one of the options available on WIU's Transcript Request website.

NOTE: Transcripts will not be released for students under financial or administrative obligation to WIU.