Office of the Registrar

GPA Calculator

This calculator is to be used for estimating GPA only. Calculations are based on anticipated grades. For more information refer to Undergraduate Grading Policies, Grade Replacement or contact your academic advisor (also see Graduate Academic Guidelines).

STEP 1 -- Enter Cumulative Totals

Enter hours attempted, honor points and proceed to Step 2 to determine overall GPA. (You may skip this step and proceeding directly to Step 2 to determine GPA for one term.)

(not AHE)

STEP 2 -- Enter In-Progress Course Information

Enter in-progress courses, credit hours and estimated grades in the In-Progress column. If you are retaking any courses eligible for grade replacement, enter hours and original grades in Previous column. Proceed to Step 3 to calculate projected results.

(repeating a course)
(HP)   Hours Grade (HP)

STEP 3 -- Calculate Projected Results