College of Education & Human Services

Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies

Program Overview

Education, as a major and field of study, is evolving in response to the need for broader, more inclusive definitions of teaching and learning. As a way to prepare students to access and embrace the growing opportunities within the field of education, the School of Education now offers a non-licensure major in Educational Studies. This major is designed for those students interested in pursuing education as an area of study but who are not seeking licensure for teaching in public schools.

Graduates with an interdisciplinary Educational Studies bachelor’s degree will have a versatile degree that positions them for a variety of education-focused career paths working with children, youth, and adults in a variety of educational contexts. The major is designed for those with an interest in such areas as educational policy, curriculum development, educational research, educational psychology, and educational programming and assessment. This degree is also a good fit for students desiring advanced degrees in education or education-related fields.

The program provides a strong general foundation in education through the study and discussion of current issues in education and best practices for maximizing learning across the lifespan. As part of the program, students will choose their own personal area of emphasis by pursuing one of over 100 minors offered by the university. Coursework offered through the major and minor is augmented by a culminating internship experience. The internship provides students the opportunity—in an approved educational setting—to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. During the internship, students receive professional supervision as they contribute to an agency or organization’s educational programs and educational outreach, and ultimately gain valuable applied experience prior to their career pursuit.