Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance - Mission & Objectives


To be recognized by its stakeholders as a leader in providing quality and affordable professional accounting and finance education.


The WIU Department of Accounting and Finance provides a student-centered environment that promotes academic excellence, professional and personal growth, a spirit of collegiality, and ethical and professional conduct. The department’s curriculum and activities develop outstanding graduates who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to enter the accounting profession and to meet future career challenges.

The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and is engaged in research, service, and professional interactions to benefit the university, the accounting profession, and the community.


  1. Offer undergraduate and graduate curricula that develop the technical competencies necessary for entry level positions in public accounting and finance with corporations, government, and non-profit organizations.
  2. Create an environment which focuses on students as individuals and provides opportunities for students to develop the professional skills necessary for career development.
  3. Create a collegial environment and provide opportunities and support for faculty development.
  4. Implement programs that will increase the enrollment of outstanding graduate and undergraduate students.