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C & I Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plan template (.docx) from the Curriculum and Instruction Department (please notify Dr. Olsen if you know that a newer version has been released).

Just Do It (mentally)

Fraction-Decimal-Percent Practice and Review Sheet

IndexIndexIndex - many games and resources to choose from--organized by grade level.

Graphic Editing using Word

YouTube Video

Websites - General

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) (PDF)

How to cite the CCSSM in a list of references: You may use the form on page R-12 of our text book or

National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, & Council of Chief State School Officers. (2010). Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Retrieved from

You may also include the content area or grade level as indicated here.

Teaching Resources - (by Jim Olsen ;-)

Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives -

Illustrative Mathematics - great source for CCSSM-linked tasks.

Universal Design for Learning - My PDF;;

Number Line Generator -

Our Math 260 page - (by Jim Olsen)

Common Core Math Standards: Information, Links, and Resources - (by Jim Olsen)

NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Powerpoint on how to get the area formula for a trapezoid.

Websites - Learning Games and Apps

NCTM Illuninations - numerous lesson ideas and interactive applets

Math Playground -

Adapted Mind -

Explore Learning Gizmos - (Without an account, you can use Gizmo's for 5 minutes each day.)

Learning Farm -

Place Value Chart - iPad app (Tip: shake the screen to clear it.)

Pattern Shapes - iPad app

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