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James Olsen, Instructor ~ Fall 2022

Links: Westernonline | (access MML through WO)

Help Centers

Help Center hours will be posted during the second week of the semester.

LEG Up Coupon System

Click here for the LEG UP Coupon system (extra credit).

Daily D

Worked Examples

Westernonline - We plan to use this for online quizzes and to post grades.

Percent Practice Quiz

In this course you will learn "24 Percent Tweets." This is 24 important things to know about percent. They are called 'tweets' because each can be stated in 140 characters or less. At the end of the semester there will be a Percent Quiz. It is a 15 minute quiz.  Calculators are not allowed in the first 10 minutes. During the last 5 minutes you may use a calculator. Click here for a Practice Quiz.

How to Estimate Your Grade

Click here for how to estimate your grade in Math 100.

Multiplication and Division Facts with Zeros

Practice-test here (Word file)



Quizlet deck (flashcards) for Multiplication and Division Facts with Zeros

How To Do Well In this Course - Suggestions from former Math 100 Students


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