Dr. Christopher Pynes
Professor of Philosophy

Below is a list of classes I've taught over the last twelve or so years. The links will take you to a PDF syllabus for the class. If there is no link, then the class is similar to another class with a link. Particular course material is maintained behind a firewall in either Blackboard, Web CT, or Western Online for students to access. If you are looking for something in particular and cannot find it, just let me know. CA-Pynes [at] WIU [dot] edu.

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Current Courses At WIU (Spring 17)
     Logic & Reasoning (9:30 a.m.) (11 a.m.)

Past WIU Classes
     Logic & Reasoning
     Environmental Ethics
     Philosophy of Science
     Philosophy of Mind
     Philosophical Writing
     Moral Philosophy (online Sum08)
     Formal Logic
     History of Modern Philosophy
     Analytic Philosophy
     Philosophy and Film

Future WIU Classes
Logic and Reasoning
     Formal Logic (Fall 17)

Past Classes at UT, Knoxville
     Formal Logic
     Business Ethics
     Ethical Theory
     Philosophy of Science
     GSS: Thinking Scientifically
     GSS&E: The Logic of Science

Past Classes at Florida State
     Reasoning & Critical Thinking
     Biomedical Ethics
     Introduction to Philosophy
     Philosophy of Science
     Ethical Issues & Life Choices


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