Leibnitz as Mr. Blonde

Descartes as Mr. Brown

Lord Russell as Mr. White

Aristotle as Nice Guy Eddie

Karl as Joe

W.V.O. Quine as Mr. Orange

Wittgenstein as Mr. Pink

Frege as Mr. Blue


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"Reservoir Dogs"

Things the "dogs" have been heard saying:

Mr. Blonde: "I didn't cut his ear off because monads cannot interact with each other."

Mr. Brown: "Diamonds are certainly extended things, and Madonna loves big ones."

Mr. White: "The thief of Barbourville is a man who steals diamonds from all and only those men in Barbourville that do not steal diamonds from themselves." "Take that Mr. Blue!"

Nice Guy Eddie: "All songs of the 1970s are cool. This is a song of the 1970s…hum…not cool!" "Mr. Blue can I talk to you about something…I mean nothing."

Joe: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. You guys are able to get them, and I need those diamonds. So, go to it."

Mr. Orange: "Gavagai, he's the rat! Or is it rabbit?"

Mr. Pink: "I don't tip!" "Mr. White, can I crash at your place in London?"

Mr. Blue: "Of course I'm blue, Logicism failed" "Bite me Mr. White!"

Philosophical Dogs