Provost & Academic Vice President

Student Learning Outcomes

Instructional Design and Technology:
Educational Technology Specialist  (PBC)


Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to: 

  1. demonstrate proficiency in the principles of instructional design
  2. demonstrate overall proficiency writing a target audience description for instructional materials
  3. demonstrate proficiency in developing instructional strategies for instructional materials

Based on standards established in the Illinois Academic Code, Part 27.470, upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. effectively plan, deliver, and assess students’ mastery of concepts and skills relevant to learning technologies and technological literacy across the curriculum; apply effective methods and strategies for teaching these concepts and skills to students, educators, and administrators in various educational settings
  2. demonstrate knowledge of selection, installation, management, and maintenance of the infrastructure in a classroom setting
  3. identify and apply educational and technology-related research, the psychology of learning, and instructional design principles in guiding use of computers and technology in education
  4. develop curricular plans and teaching aids based on local, state and national standards for use of computers and other associated learning technologies, integrating these across subject and content areas
  5. implement information access and delivery resources in P-12 schools to support the curriculum
  6. install, customize, and configure the operating systems of computers and computer networks in school settings
  7. identify and implement software in both classroom and administrative environments; investigate issues related to school/site planning, purchasing, and integration of technology
  8. develop an instructional program based on local, State, and national standards for the use of computers and other associated learning technologies, integrating these plans across subject and content areas
  9. demonstrate knowledge of issues and models related to leadership in staff development; identify resources, plan, and design staff development activities to support professional growth in learning technologies
  10. demonstrate knowledge of issues related to facilities and resource management
  11. demonstrate knowledge of strategies for and issues related to managing the change process as part of overall educational reform efforts in schools and districts
  12. participate in professional development experiences that allow him or her to observe the use of technology to support instruction, the management of technological resources in educational settings, and the evaluation of effectiveness of technological resources in teaching and learning; and to apply technological resources to support instruction in classroom settings