Provost & Academic Vice President

Student Learning Outcomes

Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration  (B.S.)


Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to: 

  1. demonstrate entry-level knowledge of the background, nature, and scope of the profession, including the history, philosophy, and social and behavioral science that comprise the foundation of knowledge (foundations); specifically, students will know:
    1. the definitions of and understand the terms recreation, leisure, and play
    2. the history of the recreation profession including key individuals and their contribution to the field
    3. the social and individual benefits of recreation
  2. demonstrate entry-level knowledge of the necessary services and processes for providing such services to constituents (provisions of services); specifically, students will demonstrate knowledge of:
    1. planning recreation programs
    2. designing recreation programs
    3. marketing recreation programs
    4. evaluating recreation programs
  3. demonstrate entry-level knowledge of administrative functions associated with leisure service employment (management and administration); specifically, students will know basic:
    1. legal aspects of the recreation profession
    2. fiscal elements of the recreation profession
    3. facility management processes in the recreation profession
    4. policy administration in the recreation profession