Provost & Academic Vice President

Student Learning Outcomes

Computer Science  (B.S.)


Upon completion of this program, the student will: 

  1. have an understanding of fundamental data structures and be able to write programs in at least two computer languages
  2. understand the distinction between procedural and object-oriented programming
  3. be proficient in at least one high-level language
  4. be exposed to a variety of programming languages and systems
  5. be able to apply basic problem-solving techniques; be able to use these techniques in the development of algorithms and appreciate the process of developing algorithms
  6. have competence in communicating their views and ideas clearly and cogently
  7. understand and be able to apply the fundamental principles and practices of software engineering, including software requirements analysis, software design and implementation, software verification and validation, and software project management
  8. gain experience working in teams
  9. appreciate the range of areas to which computing can be applied