Kristine M. Kelly, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Western Illinois University






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Academic Genealogy

Here are my academic "ancestors" all the way back to the beginning of psychology:

Kristine Marie Kelly
Ph.D. 1999, University of Tennessee
“Measurement and Manifestation of the Need to Belong"
Major Professor: Warren Jones, Ph.D.

Warren Hurst Jones
Ph.D. 1974, Oklahoma State University
“Political Information and Constraint: Methodological and Theoretical Implications”
Major Professor: William Rambo, Ph.D.

William Walter Rambo
Ph.D. 1957, Purdue University
“The Construction and Analysis of a Leadership Behavior Checklist for Industrial Managers”
Major Professor: Charles Lawshe, Ph.D.

Charles Hubert Lawshe, Jr.
Ph.D. 1940, Purdue University
“Psychological Studies of Some Factors Related to Driving Speed on the Highway”
Major Professor: Joseph Tiffin, Ph.D.

Joseph H. Tiffin
Ph.D. 1930, State University of Iowa
“Some Aspects of the Psychophysics of the Vibrato”
Major Professor: Carl Seashore, Ph.D.

Carl Emil Seashore
Ph.D. 1895, Yale University
“Measurements of Illusions and Hallucinations in Normal Life”
Major Professor: Edward Scripture, Ph.D.

Edward Wheeler Scripture
Ph.D. 1891, Leipzig, Germany
Major Professor: Wilhelm Wundt (who organized first psychology laboratory)