Secondary Mathematics Teaching Methods ~ Math 503

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This course was last taught in summer 2005. The next offering of this online course has not been set by our department. If you are interested in this course, e-mail Jim Olsen.

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Course Description

In the Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (Math 503) course we will look at current trends and issues in the teaching of secondary school mathematics.  It is an applied class, in that participants will come away from the course with specific activities, lessons, and teaching techniques that can be used in the junior and senior high school mathematics classroom.

Topics to be covered in Math 503 include:

Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics for Enhancing Procedural Understanding
State and National Mathematics Learning Standards
Early Calculus Concepts (even for students not planning to take Calculus)
Using Problem Solving to Teach the Illinois Learning Standards
Teaching of the function concept
Cooperative Learning Techniques
Mathematical modeling
Course title: Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics
STAR Number: TBD
Semester: to be determined
Method of delivery: On-line over the Internet (WebCT will be used) see note below
Credit hours: 3 SH
Prerequisite:  Permission of the instructor. (Call me (Dr. Jim Olsen) 309/298-2317 and or e-mail me ( to get permission.)
Intended audience:  This course is intended for practicing mathematics teachers seeking professional development, CPDU credit, or new mathematics teaching methods.  It is also intended for individuals seeking a high school mathematics endorsement.
Textbook: Mathematics Methods and Modeling for Today's Mathematics Classroom: A Contemporary Approach to Teaching Grades 7-12, Dossey, McCrone, Giordano, Weir, Brooks/Cole, 2002, 0-534-36604-X.
Instructor: James Olsen. Information about JimJim Olsen's homepage
Instructor's Phone: 309/298-2317

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Note: that you need "permission of instructor" to enroll, so please e-mail me if you'd like to enroll in this course.

Special Note About this Page

This page is here to provide information about the course to prospective students.  This is not the actual course website. Once the course begins, those enrolled will be provided with a URL to a WebCT site (in a password protected environment).

High School Mathematics Endorsement

This is a three semester hour Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics course and may therefore be used by individuals seeking a secondary mathematics endorsement.
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This course was taught first online in Spring 2002. It has since been taught Spring 2003, Spring 2004, and Summer 2005. The course has been very popular and well-received.

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