Economics and Decision Sciences

WIU's Center for Economic Education

The WIU Center for Economic Education is an outreach initiative housed in and sponsored by WIU’s Department of Economics and Decision Sciences. The program is aimed at promoting economic and financial literacy in schools (K-12), institutions of higher learning, and in the larger Western Illinois Community.

Analytics and Economics Day

Hosted by the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences, Analytics and Economics Day includes workshops, campus tours, lunch, and a keynote speaker. All events are open and free to WIU students, faculty, staff, and the local community.

Outreach Services

  • Guest lectures and on-site workshops in area schools
  • On and off campus workshops and instructional programs in economics
  • Develop and distribute economic education materials including housing a library of Econ Illinois lesson plans
  • Conduct current research in economic education
  • Assist and support the Econ Illinois initiatives and mission

Econ Illinois

Econ Illinois is part of the national Council for Economic Education and provides economic and financial literacy programs and services starting at the elementary level and extending throughout adulthood, enabling individuals to participate effectively in the economy as

  • Competent decision-makers
  • Responsible and knowledgeable consumers
  • Prudent savers and investors
  • Productive employees, employers, and entrepreneurs

Key initiatives include the Stock Market Game, the Personal Finance Challenge, the Economics Challenge, the Poster Contest, and various professional development workshops.

Council for Economic Education

Econedlink is sponsored by the Council for Economic Education and provides a large library of free online resources for K-12 educators. Resources include lesson plans, videos, and student competitions.


To receive information, to meet with an economics faculty member, or to participate in the Economics Day conference, please contact:

Jessica Lin, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Center for Economic Education
Department of Economics and Decision Sciences
Western Illinois University
1 University Circle, Stipes Hall 424
(309) 298-1638