School of Agriculture

Agriculture Internship Benefits

A student can:

  1. Obtain new knowledge, skills, and work experiences.
  2. Develop professional networks and contacts.
  3. Gain an understanding of the relationship between classroom theory and practical application.
  4. Test career objectives realistically.
  5. Develop professional work habits.
  6. Improve interpersonal relations.
  7. Become acquainted with people employed in professional occupations.
  8. Prepare for a smooth transition into full-time employment.
  9. Earn funds to partially support a college education.
  10. Retain student status while learning on the job.

An employer can:

  1. Establish a pool of potential employees who have demonstrated their abilities.
  2. Educate highly motivated students.
  3. Benefit from an introduction of fresh, new ideas.
  4. Develop an efficient training program.
  5. Use internships as a recruiting tool on campus.

The WIU School of Agriculture can:

  1. Receive student feedback which can effect curriculum change.
  2. Reinforce positive relationships with the business community.
  3. Increase rapport with community interests and encourage community support for University programs.
  4. Demonstrate WIU’s concerns and support in the individuality of the student.
  5. Develop agriculture industry clientele for WIU internship opportunities.