Captioning Tools via YouTube

Western Illinois University, like many higher education institutions, is currently utilizing YouTube to share videos about WIU. WIU is listed in YouTube’s EDU directory.

YouTube offers a way to provide/edit captions natively. There are also several free captioning tools available to help make WIU’s videos uploaded to YouTube accessible (with closed captions). The applications include Amara and YouTube Subtitler. Once a WIU video is uploaded to Western’s YouTube Channel, any of these tools can be utilized to create a caption file for the video to make it accessible with closed captions for users.

Each web-based application includes information (instructions, video tutorials, etc.) about how to utilize the individual application to caption videos uploaded to YouTube.

Once your video is captioned, it can be embedded into WIU’s website utilizing the embed code that YouTube automatically generates for each video uploaded to YouTube.

For more information about how to get your video uploaded to WIU’s YouTube channel, please contact University Relations at (309) 298-1993 or at

If you need this content in an alternative format, please contact The Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at (309) 298-1977 or