The following resources can assist in determining if your website is accessible. Automated testing sites provide feedback that will often need to be reviewed on an item by item basis, but can still provide a good baseline for accessibility. The first two links below are automated accessibility evaluation tools, the other resources listed are checklists you can use as you develop websites.

Crash Course in Creating Accessible Websites/HTML 

The following items will not guarantee an accessible web site, but are the most common items to review.  Use the links above for complete details on accessibility requirements.

  1. Use valid HTML code.  Validate your code at
  2. Ensure all images have alt attributes.
  3. Try to activate any dynamic elements (drop-down menus, tab pages, Flash interfaces, etc.) using only keyboard commands (e.g., Tab key, up/down arrows, space bar, etc.).
  4. Check that audio recordings have transcripts and videos have captions.
  5. Open PDF documents in Adobe Reader and save as "accessible text" (File: Save as Text). Open the text file and confirm that all text is present and in the right order.

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