Merrill Cole, Professor of English
Advisor, Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor in Queer Studies
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TEDx Talk: Your Humanity, The Real One

Curriculum Vitae
Spring 2017 Courses
Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor in Queer Studies
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Profil: Hochschule für bildende Künste Braunschweig
Simpkins Hall

Dances of Vice, Horror, and Ecstasy, trans. from the German

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Essays & Translations

Uncapture This Image

Remaking Sense

Symptom or Inspiration?

Backwards Ventriloquy

Jouissance of the Commodities

Admiration's Double Labor

WikiLeaks & David Wojnarowicz

Don't Self-Flaggelate about White Privilege:

Do Something!

Dances of Vice, Horror, & Ecstasy







Dirty Bits

Lex Talionis

Objective Correlative

The Mystery of Statistics


How the Nighingales Lost Their Hands

Candy Man

5 Poems Published in 2009

Too Tied to Luck


The Blond Sheep

Proof of Love


A Gray Princess