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One afternoon I sat down and googled for calculus videos and rated them. Here's what I came up with. I highly recommend the first two (tied for first). The others may be used as needed. You should check out the videos on this list and decide for yourself which ones meet your needs.

1. Larry Green's Calculus Videos - Excellent. Uses print, not hand-writing. This makes it faster. High quality. Short and sweet (most videos less than 4 minutes). Can pause and skip ahead as desired.

1. Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe - Very conceptual. Well done. Part of Main drawbacks are that I don't know how to pause the videos and you can't tell how long the videos will be. The videos seem fairly short and to the point.

3. BrightStorm - Well organized. Has concept and problem videos (problem videos do examples). High quality. You do need to establish a free log-in (easy). Goes in depth and some videos are lengthy. You can pause, skip ahead, and know how long the video is. (There is no #2 - remember there was a tie for first place!)

4. Just Math Tutoring - YouTube videos. Pretty good quality. Longer than necessary. Fairly complete.

5. Mindbites and Thinkwell - This is the guy in the green shirt (sometimew wears other pastels). Enthusiatic. Very visual - lots of diagrams. He does have a video where is overviews/reviews all of calculus I in 20 minutes. These videos take a while. At some point, these may cost.

6. - online textbook with videos. Quicktime videos. Lengthy. Hard to pause and control (and know length). Can download and run in Quicktime (to pause and control and know length).

7. - These are long videos, but detailed. Mainly over the harder topics. Not all the basics are covered. 

8. - Can watch a couple, then you need a subscription ($).

9. Video Lectures for Single-variable Calculus - from Armstrong Atlantic State University. I couldn't get them to work. Hasn't been updated in a few years.

10. - videos from other site. Very little new content. This site may be useful for other reasons (than finding new videos).


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