Mathematics Department Teacher Education Requirements


Western Illinois University students who major in Mathematics with Option B - Teacher Education will receive, upon graduation, a WIU Bachelor's degree and an Illinois Educator Licence (formerly, Teaching Certificate), if all requirements are met. Teacher education majors are frequently referred to as "teacher education candidates," because they are candidates for an Educator Licence.

Students (candidates) are encouraged to meet regularly with their 1) Mathematics Department advisor (who helps in meeting major requirements); 2) CPEP Advisor in HH 91 (who helps in meeting education requirements); 3) Dr. Olsen or Dr. Mann (who help in meeting Mathematics Department Teacher Education Requirements).

As each candidate advances through the program they are required to meet certain requirements and make four applications . A recommendation, via signature, is required from the Mathematics Department at three points in the candidates program (#1, 3, 4 in the list below). The recommendation/signature indicates that the student has met all Mathematics Department teacher education requirements up to that point. The four applications candidate submit are:

    1. Admission to TEP-Teacher Education Program. (2nd semester sophomore or first 8 weeks of the junior year)
    2. Application to student teach. (2 semesters [1 year] prior to student teaching)
    3. Clearance to student teach. (1 semester prior to student teaching)
    4. Completion of student teaching and recommendation for licensure. (at the end of student teaching)

This document discusses the Mathematics Department teacher education requirements. Links to the Teacher Education Program requirements can be found at the TEP Requirements Links section below. Candidates should consult these pages, especially the TEP Handbook, which can be found on the Educator Preparation page (Center for the Preparation of Education Professional), and their education advisor to make sure TEP requirements are being met in a timely manner.

Mathematics Department Teacher Education Requirements

    1. Admission to TEP-Teacher Education Program

    This application should be made in the second semester sophomore or first half of the first semester of the junior year.

    • Reflective Paper - The candidate should submit the reflective paper to Dr. Mann or Dr. Olsen, who will review/score the paper.
    • Application Form - The candidate fills out an application form. The candidate should meet with Dr. Mann or Dr. Olsen (whoever scored the reflective paper) and get the Department Representative's Segnature.

    2. Application to student teach

    This application is made one year prior (two semesters prior) to student teaching.

    • Satisfactorily meet the objectives in required mathematics courses.

    3. Clearance to student teach

    This application is made one semester prior to student teaching.

    4. Completion of student teaching and recommendation for licensure

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