Notes for Student Teachers

Familiarize yourself with the edTPA

Contact Your Cooperating Teacher


Start thinking about your classroom management (discipline) plan. While you have probably discussed discipline in courses here at Western, getting good at classroom management only really comes with experience (just like it's hard to learn how to play basketball well by watching videos). A few things to keep in mind


Career Services

Getting a Job

Meetings (student teachers come back to campus)

  1. There is usually a meeting near the beginning of the semester. We answer questions about the edTPA.
  2. I believe, starting 2014-2015, you only return to campus for meetings once.


If you plan to be a coach, you might want to consider helping coach during student teaching. This can be great experience. Consider your options and discuss this with school personnel--preferably before the semester starts. Consider the amount of time and don't spread yourself too thin.

Turn In

  1. edTPA.

Realize We are Here to Help You

While you have a student teaching supervisor and a cooperating teacher (and student teaching is administered out the the CPEP Office) we, in the Math Department, are also here to help. Feel free to call any of us if you have questions or want to discuss issues.

ROE's - Regional Office of Education (usually serve 1 to 3 counties)

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This page lists the things I usually discuss with math majors during the semester prior to student teaching. Student teachers should consult their advisor and the CPEP Office for specifics on their student teaching placement.

James R. Olsen, Mathematics Department, Western Illinois University
updated September 7, 2021