University Relations


Services & Support for Universitywide Publications

The Office of University Relations and Document and Publication Services work together to meet the University’s printing needs and to ensure that materials provided are high-quality, cost-effective and reflective of Western’s established visual identity and values.

Publication staff within the Office of University Relations are solely responsible for overseeing the production of the highest quality materials in support if Western’s marketing, advancement, development, student recruitment, orientation and retention.

DPS is responsible for college & business cards, letterhead and envelopes, direct mail processing and all other publishing, printing and duplication processes for campus.

University Publications Services

Request for Printing and/or Pre Production through University Relations

Begin all printing requests with a signed Request for Printing (RFP) and/or Pre Production form. Printing will not be arranged without established funding. University Relations will help provide printing specifications, suggested vendors, and estimated total cost. Independent purchases associated with, but apart from printing, such as scanning photos, typesetting or other preparation costs will be billed separately. To complete the RFP, contact Tim Engel.


The client provides written information about the program, which is reviewed by the editorial writer who will stylize it to conform to University marketing standards. Decisions on grammar and usage are based on The Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's New International Dictionary.

Design & Layout

A graphic designer works with the client in the design process, which includes creating a layout that is complementary to the University’s marketing strategies. Begin by preparing a simple outline sketch of your material in the order you want to see it printed. Please do not submit a pre-designed document because some design software is not compatible with software used in University Relations by printers.

Submit copy via e-mail, on a Zip disc, or on a CD (do not use a 3.5" floppy disc) in Word format (.doc) or in a Text (.txt); Word format (.doc) is preferred. It is also helpful to submit a paper copy of the text with potential headlines, subheads, bold or italicized type indicated. In design-intensive documents, a proof will be given prior to the pre-press stage.

Typesetting & Proofing

The pre-press technician typesets and edits color images and prepares the document to send to a printer. You will be contacted to proofread your document in Sherman Hall 302. After final approval, the publication is sent to a printer. If specified in the bid, the client will receive a printer's proof for approval before final printing. Any alterations made to the printer's proof will cost the client additional money and time.