Welcome to the Department of Communication!

The Communication Major at Western Illinois University is one of the most popular programs at Western Illinois University. The department currently has approximately 120 majors on our Macomb, Quad Cities and online campuses, with another 60+ students declaring minors in Communication, Health Communication, or Social Media. Communication as a discipline is dynamic and varied, offering majors a broad range of career opportunities and pursuits. The program focuses on the primary areas of organizational communication, persuasive communication, interpersonal communication and rhetorical communication to ground students in both theoretical and applied knowledge, emphasizing the key role that communication plays in all aspects of human interaction.

The discipline routinely prepares students to enter a wide variety of diverse professions from event planning to sales, college recruiting to business management, and/or training and development to politics. Students of communication receive fundamental training in and exposure to a myriad of contexts in which humans interact with and influence one another. This knowledge base then provides them with an understanding of message processes that will serve them throughout their futures, both professionally and personally.