Engineering Technology

IDT Undergraduate Student Resources

IDT 489 Independent Study

An independent study is for advanced students who are researching a topic in instructional design and technology.

Prerequisite: You need to have completed a minimum of 15 semester hours in IDT courses before you apply for IDT 489.

Guidelines: You need to have an IDT faculty mentor to oversee your independent study. The mentor may also be the IDT Department Chair. It is your responsibility to talk to an IDT faculty member to see if he/she is available to mentor your study. Once you have decided on a topic and arranged for a faculty member mentor, you will need to fill out and submit the IDT 489 Request to Register Form (doc) for signatures and approval prior to registering.

Independent Study Topics: Past students have chosen to explore projects such as multimedia projects, action script creation, training videos, interactive websites, specialized IDT-related research topics, and advanced studies in software application for instructional purposes.

IDT 496 Senior Portfolio

IDT majors develop a capstone portfolio with resume, class annotations, projects, project annotations, and a reflection paper. The presentation format of the portfolio can include more than one delivery system such as CD-ROM, WWW, electronic presentation, video, or print.


The portfolio should contain a minimum of four substantial projects produced while enrolled in a minimum of four IDT classes. These projects should be selected to support the student's statement of career goals and not to document course work in IDT. These projects should be of professional quality-- clean, well organized, and craftsman-like. Students may have to extend or polish class projects prior to using them in a portfolio.

The portfolio should also contain supporting information (annotation for each project), which should include:

  • General information about each project (e.g., dates and semester when the project was done);
  • Conditions under which the project was completed; and
  • The student's role and contribution, etc.
Reflection Paper

The reflection paper should describe the student's personal sense of progress and professional development from the inception of the program to the present. This paper should discuss how the student's course work has fostered the development of his/her professional and career goals.

The paper should also discuss courses that were most helpful with a rationale for why the courses were beneficial. The paper must be a minimum of four pages long and meet the following criteria:

  • Clearly written and logically organized;
  • Orderly presentation of ideas and smoothness of expression; and
  • Demonstrate proficiency in written communication skills.
Portfolio Evaluation

Two IDT faculty members will be randomly assigned by the Department Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to evaluate the student's Senior Portfolio using the IDT Senior Exit Assessment Form. This assessment will be conducted before the last three weeks of the semester.

IDT 499 Instructional Technology Internship

The Instructional Technology Internship provides qualified students with a supervised opportunity of practice work experience in various career options. The IDT internship is an opportunity for students to apply and expand their education, gain valuable professional experience, build confidence in their abilities, and explore careers in their field. The contacts made during an internship can provide invaluable advice and guidance as well as lead to a permanent job offer.

Prerequisites: Prior to registering for IDT 499, you need to have a) completed the IDT core courses with at least a 3.0 GPA, b) have no Incomplete (I) grades, c) successfully completed the University Writing Exam, d) done at least one IDT 489 project, and e) attended the Internship Orientation. An internship is between six and 12 semester hours. You must fill out and submit the IDT 499 Request to Register form and obtain approval from the IDT Department Chair prior to registering.

Guidelines: The IDT Internship Manual contains the guidelines, process, location and mentor selection, student responsibilities, and required internship forms.