College of Business & Technology

Contract on Classroom Behavior

Most students exhibit appropriate behavior in class, but sometimes there is disagreement over the definition of “appropriate” behavior. This usually happens when students erroneously assume that faculty are employees hired to serve them.
If you feel that way, it’s time that we set you straight! A professor is not here to give you what you want, but rather to help you obtain the knowledge you need.
Learning is a group activity, and the behavior of each person in class in some way or the other affects the learning outcomes of others. If we keep these thoughts and the following rules in mind, the classroom experience will be a better one for everyone involved.
The following are some basic guidelines on classroom behavior. Each CBT Faculty member will develop his/her own version of these rules. So, be sure to read the syllabus for specific rules in each of your courses!

Recommended behavior:

  • Class begins promptly at the beginning of the class period. It is advisable that you be in your seat and ready to start participating in class at that time.
  • Always bring the required supplies and be ready to be actively engaged in the learning process. This communicates preparedness and interest.
  • Don’t read the newspaper during class! Put it away before the start of class. Your attention should be focused on the business at hand – the class, its content, and the professor.
  • Turn your cell phone off or to vibrate before the start of class.
  • It is fine to bring a drink or a snack to class, as long as it is not distracting. In conjunction with this, please PICK UP YOUR TRASH when you leave the room.
  • Your professor expects your full attention for the entire class period. If you know that you’ll need to leave before the class is over, try to sit as close to the door as possible so as not to disrupt others. Similarly, if you arrive in class late, just slip in as quietly as possible and take the first available seat you come to.
  • Do not sleep in class! Laying your head on the desk or sleeping in class is rude, and it is distracting to others. Turn in assignments on time.
  • Being courteous in class does not mean that you have to agree with everything that is being said. However, your point will be much more credible if conveyed without rudeness, aggression, or hostility. If you strongly disagree with your professor, it is a good idea to speak with him/her after class.
  • When you have a question or comment, please raise your hand first as a courtesy to your classmates and the professor. Remember, your questions are NOT an imposition – they are welcome. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else is thinking the same thing but is too shy to ask it. So, ask questions! You’ll learn more, it makes the class more interesting, and you are helping others learn as well.
  • If an emergency arises that requires an absence from a session, it is your responsibility to get the notes and all other information that was covered in class from a colleague you trust.