School of Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Why Choose Agriculture at WIU?

  • Numerous internship opportunities for students
  • More than 16 active student organizations
  • State-of-the-art greenhouse complex for teaching and learning
  • Hands-on experience with traditional, new, and organic crops, as well as with livestock, at WIU agriculture laboratories and agriculture test stations, as well as research at off-campus sites
  • Numerous grants and an international reputation for animal and plant research
Ag Mech Club's 49th Annual Farm Expo Western Hall Macomb IL February 9-10 2019

Ag Mech Club's 50th Annual Farm Expo

February 8-9, 2020 at Western Hall in Macomb, Illinois


Student and Employer at Agriculture Career Fair

The annual Agriculture Career Fair is specifically designed to focus on agriculture career opportunities. The goal of this fair is to see that our students are exposed to the different careers available. By dealing directly with agriculture students, companies can give them more insight into the professions attainable within the ag industry.

48 companies participated in the October 2022 event.



  • Agriculture Legacy Scholarship (2 @ $1000)
  • Compeer Financial Scholarship ($1500)
  • Growmark Scholarship (3 @ $1000)
  • Garrett Mooberry Memorial (2 @ $1500)
  • Dr. Loren K. Robinson ($1200)
  • West Central FS Scholarship (5 @ $1000)