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Physics 124: General Physics I (Fall 2019)




Lecture notes

Solutions to homework


Chapter 1 Measurement and Problem Solving

Chapter 2 Kinematics: Description of Motion

Chapter 3 Motion in Two Dimensions

Chapter 4 Force and Motion

Chapter 5 Work and Energy


Chapter 6 Linear Momentum and Collisions

Chapter 7 Circular Motion and Gravitation

Chapter 8 Rotational Motion and Equilibrium

Chapter 9 Solids and Fluids


Chapter 10 Temperature and Kinetic Theory

Chapter 11 Heat

Chapter 13 Vibrations and Waves

Chapter 14 Sound















Request for Leave

Lab Manual

Record of Answering In-class Questions

Sample Lab Report

Procedure of Solving a Physics Problem

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Course Schedule







August 19

SI unites and the metric system

Read: Ch1: 1-3

HW1: Ch1: E(Exercise)7

August 20

Introduction to syllabus

August 21

Unit conversion and significant figures

Read: Ch1: 4-7

HW1: Ch1: E9,26,43,45,47

August 22

No lab

August 23

Scalars and vectors

Read: Ch2: 1-2

HW1: Ch2: E2,9,14

No homework due

August 26


Read: Ch2: 3-4

HW2: Ch2: E33,40,44

August 27

Free fall

Read: Ch2: 5

HW2: Ch2: E59,63,68

August 28

Vector addition

Read: Ch3: 1-2

HW2: Ch3: E5,25,29

August 29

Lab 1 – Introduction to Linear Motion


August 30

Projectile motion

Read: Ch3: 3

HW2: Ch3: E46,48

HW1 due

September 2

Happy Labor Day!

September 3

Projectile motion - examples

Read: Ch3: 3

HW3: Ch3: E54,61

September 4

Newton’s first law of motion

Read: Ch4: 1-2

HW3: Ch4: E7,9

September 5

Lab 2 – Free Falling Objects and Graphical Analysis



September 6

Newton’s second law of motion

Read: Ch4: 3

HW3: Ch4: E14,23,28

HW2 due

September 9

Newton’s third law of motion

Read: Ch4: 4-5

HW4: Ch4: E32,36,40,55

September 10


Read: Ch4: 6

HW4: Ch4: E63,64,66

September 11


Read: Ch5: 1-2

HW4: Ch5: E2,3,17,25

September 12

Lab 3 – Force Table and the Addition of Vectors



September 13

Kinetic energy and potential energy

Read: Ch5: 3-4

HW4: Ch5: E30,31,37,41

HW3 due

September 16

Conservation of energy

Read: Ch5: 5

HW5: Ch5: E45,49

September 17

Conservation of energy-examples

Read: Ch5: 5

HW5: Ch5: E56

September 18


Read: Ch5: 6

HW5: Ch5: E64,69

September 19

Lab 4 – Force Sensor and Newton’s Second Law



September 20

Momentum and impulse

Read: Ch6: 1-2

HW5: Ch6: E3,5,20,31

HW4 due

September 23

Conservation of linear momentum

Read: Ch6: 3

HW6: Ch6: E38,46,48

September 24


Read: Ch6: 4

HW6: Ch6: E58,60,65

September 25

Homework review

No homework

September 26

Lab 5 – Work and Energy


September 27

Exam 1

No homework

HW5 due

September 30

Center of mass

Read: Ch6: 5

HW7: Ch6: E76,82

October 1

Angular velocity

Read: Ch7: 1-2

HW7: Ch7: E4,6,23

October 2

Circular motion

Read: Ch7: 3

HW7: Ch7: E30,36,43

October 3

No lab



October 4

Exam 1 review

No homework

HW6 due

October 7

Angular acceleration

Read: Ch7: 4

HW8: Ch7: E44,48

October 8


Read: Ch7: 5

HW8: Ch7: E53,57

October 9

Torque and equilibrium

Read: Ch8: 1-2

HW8: Ch8: E5,14

HW7 due

October 10

No lab


October 11

Happy Fall Break!

October 14

Rotational dynamics

Read: Ch8: 3

HW9: Ch8: E34,35,38

October 15

Rotational work

Read: Ch8: 4

HW9: Ch8: E48,50,52

October 16

Angular momentum

Read: Ch8: 5

HW9: Ch8: E64,70

October 17

Lab 6 – Impulse and Momentum



October 18


Read: Ch9: 2

HW9: Ch9: E21,34,39

HW8 due

October 21


Read: Ch9: 3

HW10: Ch9: E44,46,51

October 22

Fluid dynamics

Read: Ch9: 4

HW10: Ch9: E57,59

October 23


Read: Ch10: 1-2

HW10: Ch10: E6,7

October 24

Lab 7 – Torque, Equilibrium, and Center of Gravity



October 25

Ideal gas law

Read: Ch10: 3

HW10: Ch10:  E19,22,23,32

HW9 due

October 28

Thermal expansion

Read: Ch10: 4

HW11: Ch10: E36,40,48

October 29

Kinetic theory of gases

Read: Ch10: 5

HW11: Ch10: E56,60

October 30

Homework review

No homework

October 31

Lab 8 – Archimedes’ Principle and Buoyancy

November 1

Exam 2

HW10 due

November 4

Specific heat

Read: Ch11: 1-2

HW12: Ch11: E4,6,17

November 5

Happy Tuesday (Discussion)

November 6

Latent heat

Read: Ch11: 3

HW12: Ch11: E25,26,28

November 7

Lab 9 – Thermal Expansion


November 8

Exam 2 review

No homework

HW11 due

November 11

Heat transfer

Read: Ch11: 4

HW13: Ch11: E43,54

November 12

Simple harmonic motion

Read: Ch13: 1

HW13: Ch13: E5,12

November 13

Equations of motion

Read: Ch13: 2

HW13: Ch13: E20,21,34,37

November 14

Lab 10 – Spring Force and Simple Harmonic Oscillator


November 15


Read: Ch13: 3-4

HW13: Ch13: E48,52,56

HW12 due

November 18

Standing waves

Read: Ch13: 5

HW14: Ch13: E64,66

November 19

Sound waves

Read: Ch14: 1-2

HW14: Ch14: E1,7,12

November 20

Sound intensity

Read: Ch14: 3

HW14: Ch14: E21,25,26,37

November 21

Makeup lab

November 22

Doppler effect

Read: Ch14: 5

HW14: Ch14: E49,55,56,58

HW13 due

December 2

Special Topics: Lab visiting

(Currens Hall 111)

December 3

Happy Tuesday (Discussion)

December 4

Special Topics: Lab visiting

(Currens Hall 111)

December 5

Makeup lab


December 6

Homework review

HW14 due

December 9

Final Exam

10:00 -11:50 am