Kasing Man
Department of Economics and Decision Sciences
College of Business and Technology
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61455

Phone: 309-298-1636     Fax: 309-298-1020
Email: KS-Man@wiu.edu 

M.B.A. (finance), Ph.D. (statistics/finance), Booth School of Business, University of Chicago;
B.B.A. (marketing/statistics), M.Phil. (statistics), Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Research Activities
Time series methods, forecasting and applications. Current research includes long memory time series, time aggregation of non-linear process, multiple hypotheses testing and model selection, and empirical analysis of high frequency financial data.
Recent publications

Course web page in Western Online
   DS 203           Business Statistics for Managerial Decision Making

   DS 303           Applied Business Forecasting and Regression Analysis
   DS 435           Applied Data Mining for Business Decision-Making
   DS 523           Managerial Decision Making and Problem Solving
   DS 533          Applied Business Forecasting and Planning
   DS 535           Applied Data Mining for Business
   ECON 506     Econometrics I