The New SAT

This page has links to information about the New SAT test. If you are looking for SAT Prep materials, go here.

In 2016, the College Board (who publishes the SAT) changed the SAT test.

The video below on the math test (only 3 minutes) is a good, quick overview of the SAT Math Test.

Comparing Tests

Compare the Pre-March 2016 SAT and the New SAT.

Compare the New SAT and the ACT. (from SAT)

Concordance Tables (from SAT) - use to compare New SAT and Old SAT scores, and for comparing New SAT and ACT scores.

SAT Test Information - for current test

SAT Home - many links here to a variety of information.

Math Test - information including a video (below).

Register for SAT

If you want 210 pages of detailed specifications, go here.


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