Spring 2018 Online Course Offering ~ WIU ~ Math 406(G)

Problem Solving and the History of Mathematics

Course Description

Various problems, their solutions, related mathematical concepts and their historical significance are analyzed through investigation of classic problems and their connection to middle school mathematics. Contributions by Archimedes, Descartes, Eratosthenes, Euler, Gauss, Pascal, Pythagoras and others are studied.

Topics to be covered in Math 406 include: Mathematicians

Instructor (Dr. Jim Olsen) Comments

This is a math course, but also a "math across the curriculum" course. In this course we will be reading, writing, doing math, and solving problems. While it is not a teaching methods course, it is a mathematics education course. One purpose of this course is to connect mathematics with math history and world history. This is particularly useful for middle school teachers who use interdisciplinary approaches and want to integrate reading, social studies, writing, and mathematics.

Course Information

Course title: Problem Solving and the History of Mathematics
Course number: Math 406(G). 'G' means this course can be taken for graduate credit.
Instructor: Jim Olsen
STAR Number: 38205Textbook Cover
Day/Time: This is an online course. As a general rule, course materials, readings, discussion topics, and assignments for the week will be posted regularly each week. Each week participants will engage with the materials and discussions on their own (asynchronously). Assignments will be due through out the semester.
Location: online using WesternOnline https://westernonline.wiu.edu/ (Log in with your ecom username and password.)
Credit hours: 3 SH
Intended audiences:  This course is intended for (a) undergraduate students in the Middle Level Education majors in the Middle Level Mathematics Teaching minor, (b) graduate students seeking a masters degree in education, and (c) in-service teachers seeking professional development. 
Textbook: Math Through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others, Expanded Second Edition, by W. P. Berlinghoff and F.Q. Goevea, Hardcover, 2015, MAA and Oxton House Publishers. (ISBN: 978-1-93951-212-3)
University: Western Illinois University
Pre-requisite: MATH 123 or 128 or 502 or equivalent.
Instructor: James Olsen. Information about JimJim Olsen's homepage
Instructor's Phone: 309/298-2317

To Enroll

Email (JR-Olsen@wiu.edu) or call (309-298-2317) me, Jim Olsen if you are interested in taking this course. (You may also call or write if you just have a question ;-) You'll need to provide your WIU ID number. I will forward your name and WIU ID number to our department secretary who will enroll you. You should check the STARS system a couple days later to confirm you are enrolled in the course.

Graduate Program

The WIU Curriculum and Instruction Department has an excellent Master of Science in Elementary Education degree program. It has a number of Areas of Specialization, including Math Education and Elementary Curriculum. This Math 406G course can work in these areas of specialization. This degree program is an award-winning program (WIU-news).

Graduate School and Costs

For information on our Graduate School and costs, see wiu.edu/vpas/business_services/tuition/ or wiu.edu/vpas/business_services/tuition/graduate_non-degree/planQ.php. For specific questions about costs contact the School of Graduate Studies; Sherman Hall 116; Macomb, IL 61455 (877-WIU Grad or 309-298-1806) Email: Grad-Office@wiu.edu.

Printable Flier

Not available yet this course offering (PDF).

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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