TI-73 Graphics Calculator Information

Top (first) 10 Things To Know To Use a TI-73 CalculatorTI-73 Graphics Calculator

  1. 2nd –Quit – takes you to the home screen.
  2. To get yellow things, hit the 2nd button and the button you want.
  3. Mode – (sets the modes) Use the left-hand choices.
  4. CLEAR – used to clear a line.
  5. 2nd –ENTRY – gives you the last expression, so you can edit it.  It can be a big time-saver.  (can be used repeatedly)
  6. ANS – means the last answer the calculator gave.
  7. The calculator does use implied multiplication, just like in algebra. For example, 5x means five times x.
  8. Functions – The TI-73 is great for functions
  9. DEL and INS – used for editing. DEL deletes. INS allows you to insert (squeeze in).
  10. π – There is a pi button. Use it.

Advanced Features

  1. Solver – Hit Math-6.  You can put in an equation, such as 2x-12 = 4(x+3), and the calculator will solve it. You do have to hit enter three times. The answer will have a small square next to it.
  2. List and plot can be used to graph data.
  3. Stat can be used to calculate statistics.

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