"Other Information"

supplied by Jim Olsen

Illinois School District Home Page Directory - Good quick way to find school information. From IHSA.

PMET - Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers. MAA program.

Millennium Math Express Page - Fun online math activities especially for students in grades 4-8.

Illinois Population by County - Especially for Illinois Mathematics Teacher readers (see Summer 2001 article titled, "Counting Illinois County Populations and Areas).  Two forms: Excel spreadsheet file: Ill.pop.xls, Web page: illpop.htm.

So Just Who Uses Math Page - Career Information Links.

Computer Lab On Wheels - This is a series of PowerPoint slides describing our mobile computer lab.  Or click CLOW paper if you prefer a text version. While we had to design our own cabinet, there are now cabinets designed to hold laptops. See Spectrum Furniture (I do not know much about this company).

Some (K.I.S.S.) Ideas for F.S.I. Participants

Geocaching.com - "The sport where YOU are the search engine." This combines hiking outdoors, the Internet, and GPS! Check it out!

*Macomb Softball - Schedules and standings for Adult Macomb softball leagues.

Celtic/gaelic Blessings and Prayers - mix of the serious and whimsical.

*Charles Peterson Prints - Available through the White Door Publishing company.

John Wooden Legacy Center - From Character Counts. See also www.coachwooden.com for more on the Pyramid of Success.

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